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Hack the City of Shinjuku with LOD by SPARQL!

2017/04/06 23:55:00
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39 cities have opened them data with LOD (5 star opendata). (*finddata, datalist)
There are 4 types of LOD at Shinjuku-ku, public facilities, public wifis, emergency facilities and culural properties. (公共施設、公衆無線LAN、避難所、文化財@ja)
I updated open source application "AKIJIKAN" to mix cultural properties (URI =

AKIJIKAN at Shinjuku DEMO.
Let's find hidden historical place in Big City Shinjuku with AKIJIKAN!

The local councilor at Shinjuku Mr. Yohei Ito made a web application using public WiFi 5-star open data by SPARQL!

"Shinjuku Free WIFIマップ作成。オープンデータ入門は、SPARQLでLinked RDFを操作 | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平"

Shinjuku is a wonderful place cause this city has a councilor who can program web app and talk in SPARQL!

- AKIJIKAN (src on GitHub)
- Shinjuku Free WIFIマップ作成。オープンデータ入門は、SPARQLでLinked RDFを操作 | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平

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