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Spring New Colors! IchigoJam Moku-Moku-Meeting Event this Saturday!

2017/03/16 23:55:00
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I've got new colors IchigoJam!

mat green, purple, mat black by pcbgogo(jp)

In this weekend Saturday at Akihabara, we will hold an event about IchigoJam with Moku-Moku.
Join us!

"IchigoJam Moku-Moku-Meeting もくもく会"

IchigoJam's I2C connects Raspberry Pi Sense HAT and Wii Nunchuck

2017/03/15 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #maker #english 

I2C can connect many devices!
I made a 8x8 simple paint tool using Raspberry Pi Sense HAT and Wii Nunchuck on IchigoJam.

JoyStick - Move the Cursor
Button 1 - Put a Red Dot
Button 2 - Put a Green Dot
Button 1 and 2 - Clear Screen

I updated IchigoJam - with 1.2b42 firmware (beta download from Facebook Group)
To use this program download it! You can't run on IchigoJam ver 1.2.1.

1 'Sense Paint 10 GSB@CLS:GSB@NINIT 15 @LOOP 20 GSB@NGET:X=X/27-1:Y=8-Y/27 30 N=20:GSB@PUTR 40 IF B=1 GSB@PUTB 45 IF B=2 GSB@PUTG 46 IF B=3 GSB@CLS 50 WAIT5:N=0:GSB@PUTR 60 GOTO@LOOP 100 'sense hat mat-led 105 @DRAW:IF I2CW(#46,0,#700,192) STOP ELSE RTN 110 @CLS:FORI=0TO192:POKE#700+I,0:NEXT:GSB@DRAW:RTN 120 @PUTR:POKE#700+X+Y*24,N:GSB@DRAW:RTN 125 @PUTG:POKE#700+X+Y*24+8,N:GSB@DRAW:RTN 130 @PUTB:POKE#700+X+Y*24+16,N:GSB@DRAW:RTN 500 'nunchuck 505 @NINIT 510 POKE#7C0,#F0,#55:IF I2CW(#52,#7C0,2) STOP 520 POKE#7C0,#40,0:IF I2CW(#52,#7C0,2) STOP 525 RTN 530 @NGET:IF I2CW(#52,0) OR I2CR(#52,#7C2,6) STOP 540 X=PEEK(#7C2):Y=PEEK(#7C3):B=~PEEK(#7C7)

How to blink a LED via web on IchigoJam using Sakura IoT Platform beta

2017/03/14 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #IoT #maker #english 

Let's make WoT!
The first step of Web of Things is also blinking a LED (エルチカ@ja).

4GエルチカWoT on IchigoJam

Taisuke Fukunoさんの投稿 2017年3月14日

1. Prepare hardwares
- Sakura's IoT module beta - Sakura's IoT Platform
- Break out board - Sakura's IoT Platform
- IchigoJam T - IchigoJam - with 1.2b42 firmware (beta download from Facebook Group)
- I2C level converter - PCA9306 - Akizuki Denshi
- some jumper wires

2. Regist the Sakura's IoT module
Make a project and a WebSocket service.

* Orange is module ID

3. Connect them
The signal voltage of Sakura's IoT module is 1.8V but IchigoJam is 3.3V.
So you have to change the voltage by PCA9306.
Cut a VCCB(right-top) pin and connect yellow wire (1.8V LOD_OUT of Sakura's IoT module) above.

Put the PCA9306 on the right of the Sakura's IoT Module.
Yellow : VCCA(left-top) - 3.3V on IchigoJam
Blue: SDA(left-middle) - SDA on IchigoJam
Green: SCL(left-middle) - SCL on IchigoJam
Orange: right-top of the Sakura's IoT Modlue - 5V on IchigoJam

VCCB(1.8V) - LOD_OUT(left of the Sakura's IoT Module) (Yellow)
GND(left of the Sakura's IoT Module) - GND on IchigoJam

And turn your IchigoJam on!
Wait a moment until single blinking the LED on the Sakura's IoT Module.

4. Send from the IchigoJam
Open the WebSocket service.

* Yellow is Token to access

Write this program to access Sakura's IoT Module. (beta needs checksum, so a little long code)

900 @I2C 910 M=PEEK(#701)+2 920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 930 IF I2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1) STOP 940 C=0:FOR I=0 TO N-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:?M;" ";:NEXT:? 950 IF C!=PEEK(#780+N) OR PEEK(#780)!=1 STOP 960 RTN

And try this code to test! If you'll get "1 1 0" or "1 1 128" it's success!

POKE#700,1,0:N=3:GSB@I2C 1 1 0 OK

Wait until you will get "1 1 128". (0:4G no connections, 128:4G connected)
To put a data into the queue

C=1:A=123 POKE#700,#20,10,C,73,A,A>>8,0,0,0,0,0,0:N=2:GSB@I2C

To send data


You will get your data on the control panel.

5. Recieve from the web
Download the program in JavaScript from lchika@GitHub.
Rename the "sakura-setting-rename.js" to "sakura-setting.js".
Edit a name of module and a token on the "sakura-setting.js". (Abobe Orange and Yellow on your Sakura control panel)
This is a code to get the count of the receive queue.


Open "index.html" on your browser and touch the "ON" button.

You get "1" as receive queue count.


And you get a data!


6. Program WoT blinking a LED in BASIC!

1 'SAKURA's IoT beta recv test 100 @LOOP 110 GSB @CHK:IF N=0 WAIT 30:CONT 120 GSB @GET:?"RECV:";N:LED N 130 GOTO @LOOP 800 'IoT Lib 810 @CHK:POKE#700,#32,0:N=4:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#783):RTN 820 @GET:POKE#700,#30,0:N=#14:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#784):RTN 900 @I2C:'use M,C,I 910 M=PEEK(#701)+2 920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 930 IF I2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1) STOP 940 C=0:FOR I=0 TO N-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:?M;" ";:NEXT:? 950 IF C!=PEEK(#780+N) OR PEEK(#780)!=1 STOP 960 RTN

Try to make your original WoT!

Thank you Web & Sir Tim! Welcome to the next web era!

2017/03/13 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #IoT #maker #english 

The next web era has come with Web of Things (WoT) and 5-star Open Data.
Mr. Japanese internet Jun Murai presented a honorary degree of doctor of Keio university to sir Tim!

And sir Tim presented to Murai-san. It's good long friendship!

Happy 28th Birthday World Wide Web

I got super rare items! "地球蜘蛛ノ巣@ja" is web in Japanese!

photo: Sir Tim, Mr. Murai and me with "HELLO! WoT" tag

WoT can be accessed via web.
Pressing the button on browser → websocket → Sakura IoT Platform β → turn on the LED on IchigoJam!

1 'SAKURA's IoT beta recv test 100 @LOOP 110 GSB @CHK:IF N=0 WAIT 30:CONT 120 GSB @GET:?"RECV:";N:LED N 130 GOTO @LOOP 800 'IoT util 810 @CHK:POKE#700,#32,0:N=4:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#783):RTN 820 @GET:POKE#700,#30,0:N=#14:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#784):RTN 900 @I2C:'use M,C,I 910 M=PEEK(#701)+2 920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 930 IF I2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1) STOP 940 C=0:FOR I=0 TO N-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:?M;" ";:NEXT:? 950 IF C!=PEEK(#780+N) OR PEEK(#780)!=1 STOP 960 RTN

WoT with IchigoJam BASIC is so easy! (I want to be more)
see: Sakur's IoT Platform beta (さくらのIoT Platformβ)
use: "FXMA2102" to fix the level of volt. (OE must connect to VCC / don't need pull up)

My home town Sabae city was elected "Local IoT Acceleration Lab" today also. (鯖江市IoT推進ラボ@ja)
Mr. Jun Murai is chair of "IoT Acceleration Lab".

- ティム・バーナーズ=リー卿 慶應義塾大学名誉博士称号授与 記念講演会(3/14@三田,要申込) | 慶應義塾大学 湘南藤沢キャンパス(SFC)
- 「IoT Lab Selection」及び「地方版IoT推進ラボ」を開催し、受賞者を選定・表彰しました!(METI/経済産業省)

Micro Dot pHAT controlled by IchigoJam I2C

2017/03/12 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #maker #english 

I bought a "Micro Dot pHAT by PIMORONI" showed me at Raspberry Jam by Akkie-san.
IchigoJam can control this also using the adapter board to HAT (Sense HAT).

6 matrix LEDs are controlled by IS31FL3730.
These I2C address are #61/#62/#63. Each IC connects to 2 matrix LEDs difference directions (@A pattern / @B pattern on the following BASIC source code).

1 'MICRO DOT pHAT for IchigoJam BASIC 1.2.1 10 GSB@INIT 20 S=" HELLO! WoT ":M=0 30 FOR P=0 TO 5 40 C=PEEK(S+P+M):GSB@PUTC 50 NEXT:GSB@UPDATE:M=(M+1)%(LEN(S)-5):GOTO 30 60 END 100 @INIT 110 FOR I=#61 TO #63 120 POKE#800,0,`11000:IF I2CW(I,#800,2,#800,0) STOP 130 POKE#800,#D,`1110:IF I2CW(I,#800,2,#800,0) STOP 140 POKE#800,#19,30:IF I2CW(I,#800,2,#800,0) STOP 150 NEXT 160 RTN 200 @PUTC:'P=pos0-5,C=char 210 A=#63-P/2:IF P&1 GSB@A ELSE GSB@B 230 RTN 300 @A 310 FOR I=0 TO 6 320 D=PEEK(C*8+I)>>2:N=0 330 FOR J=0 TO 4 340 N=N+D&1<<(4-J):D=D>>1 350 NEXT 360 POKE#700+I,N 370 NEXT 380 POKE#800,1:IF I2CW(A,#800,1,#700,7) STOP 390 RTN 400 @B 410 FOR I=0 TO 4 420 N=0 430 FOR J=0 TO 6 440 N=N+PEEK(C*8+J)>>(6-I)&1<<J 450 NEXT 460 POKE#700+I,N 470 NEXT 480 POKE#800,#E:IF I2CW(A,#800,1,#700,5) STOP 490 RTN 500 @UPDATE 510 FOR A=#61 TO #63:POKE#700,#C,1:IF I2CW(A,#700,2,#700,0) STOP 520 NEXT:RTN

Try to modify!
First of all, it's very easy to change the message on line 20!

Next I want to try to control "Rainbow HAT" for Android Things by Google!

- the code of Sense HAT
- the code of Micro Dot pHAT
- Rainbow HAT
- Raspberry Pi Boards, Kits, HATs, and Accessories - Next Day Delivery - Pimoroni

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT controlled by IchigoJam I2C

2017/03/11 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #maker #english 

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT used with Astro Pi released!
This board has 64 full color LEDs, a joystick, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Temperature, Barometric pressure and Humidity. You can access all devices via I2C.

This is a demo video using the Matrix LED controlled by IchigoJam I2CR/I2CW command.

You can connect just 5 pins (5V, GND, 3.3V, GPIO2:SDA and GPIO3:SCL) *see GPIO on RPi
You have to add external pull up(2-3kΩ to 3.3V) SDA and SCL on IchigoJam.

Program on your IchigoJam

10 FOR I=0 TO 192:POKE#701+I,RND(2):NEXT 20 POKE#700,0:IF I2CW(#46,#700,1,#701,192) STOP 30 GOTO10

I made a board to connect the HAT from IchigoJam.

This program shows IchigoJam characters to the matrix LED by your joystick manipulations!

1 'SenseHAT 10 GOTO300 100 'C:CHR P:COL B:BG 105 P=RND(#FFF)+1:B=RND(2)<<8+RND(2)<<4+RND(2) 110 FOR I=0 TO 7 115 N=PEEK(C*8+I):A=#701+I*24 120 FOR J=0 TO 7 125 D=B:IF 128>>J&N D=P 130 POKEA+J,D&#F 140 POKEA+J+8,D>>4&#F 150 POKEA+J+16,D>>8 160 NEXT 170 NEXT 180 GSB200:RTN 199 'send LED data 200 POKE#700,0:IF I2CW(#46,#700,1,#701,192) STOP 210 RTN 299 'main (joystick) 300 POKE#700,#F2:IF I2CR(#46,#700,1,#700,1) STOP 310 K=PEEK(#700) 320 IF K=2 C=C+1:GSB100 330 IF K=16 C=C-1:GSB100 333 IF K=1 C=ASC("A"):GSB100 334 IF K=4 GOTO 500 336 IF K=8 GOTO 400 340 GOTO 300 399 'demo 400 FOR C=0 TO 223:GSB100:NEXT:CONT 500 FOR I=0 TO 192:POKE#701+I,RND(2)*4:NEXT:GSB200:CONT

I accessed a ID EEPROM written settings also.
Connect GPIO27:ID_SD GPIO28:ID_SC (don't have to pull up) *see doc

5 'header 6 P=12 10 POKE#800,0,0:IF I2CR(#50,#800,2,#802,P) ERR 20 N=[4]:?STR$(#802,3),"N:";N,"len:";[5],[6] 30 'atom 35 FOR I=1 TO N 40 POKE#800,0,P:IF I2CR(#50,#800,2,#802,128) ERR 50 ?"type:";[1],"cnt:";[2],"len:";[3] 60 'vendor info 70 IF [1]=1 L=PEEK(#802+28):?STR$(#802+30,L),STR$(#802+30+L,PEEK(#802+29)) 80 'GPIO map 90 IF [1]=2 ?"drive:";PEEK(#802+8),"power:";PEEK(#803+8):FOR J=0 TO 27:?"GPIO";J;":";PEEK(#804+8+J):NEXT 95 'DT blob 96 IF [1]=3 FOR J=0 TO 100:C=PEEK(#802+8+J):?CHR$(C);:NEXT:? 100 P=P+8+[3]:NEXT

Try another HATs!

- Sense HAT
- Rainbow HAT
- Raspberry Pi Boards, Kits, HATs, and Accessories - Next Day Delivery - Pimoroni
- the code of Micro Dot pHAT

Make your own Signal by IchigoJam with CutleryCard

2017/03/10 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #english 

PCN Mie (PCN三重@ja) will release the traffic signal for IchigoJam.
It's a great material to learn the algorithm!

Very easy to set up, just put in 4 pins (GND, OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3) of the signal.
Type "OUT1" to turn on the green light!


I made CutleryCards for the Signal!

"CutleryCard - Signal pack (Japanese)"

"CutleryCard - Wait pack (Japanese)"

Try make your signal!

VLED Commendation of excellent activities about open data in FY2016

2017/03/09 23:55:00
#opendata #VLED #english 

VLED is a organization to promote Open Data and Big Data.
This runs by governments and companies in Japan (KDDI, DENTSU, IBM Japan, NEC, NTT, Microsoft Japan, Hitachi, Fujitsu, MRI and so on).
I am a member of VLED, also a judge of this commendations.

VLED (and past org.) commendate excellent activities about open data every year since 2012.

I made a list of activities commendated on clean Excel file. (not 神Excel@ja)

"VLED Winner / VLED勝手表彰 受賞者一覧" on Google Docs (you can access by API also)
License: CC BY VLED

Try next year! Join us as a sponsor!

- Awards - VLED FY2015
- Awards - Open Data Promotion Consortium FY2013

Play Music with Computer / IchigoJam print in English

2017/03/08 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #english 

What's next steps after finishing to start IchigoJam programming with Cutlery Cards?
I've started to make the simple self-learning text "IchigoJam print" in English.
The first theme is sound and music!

Let's compose your rhythm with LED!

"Compose Music / PLAY"

"Make Sounds / BEEP"

There are on GitHub so anyone can rewrite and add.
"IchigoJam/print: IchigoJam print - GitHub"
Join us!

Yuge KOSEN got the best prize at NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2017 day 1

2017/03/07 23:55:00
#doc #kosen #english 

Students and KOSEN is my hope!
I love them who can create their own products.
Your products helps you to communicate someone lives somewhere want to help you.

Yuge KOSEN team "Knee's Needs"(弓削商船高専@ja) got the best prize at the Entrepreneur's Koshien (起業家甲子園@ja)!
I'm so happy that I've supported as a mentor of ICT Mentor Platform.
(And I got the best mentor prize!!)

I reported at this event about Silicon Valley Boot Camp.

Japanese have to conquest 3 superstitions
1. Know Japan's great tech history
2. Know Japan's great potential
3. Know Japan's mistranslation of innovation

Thank you great camp program! Masumoto-san I met at Sabae!
(Masumoto-san want to make a bridge from local areas in Japan to Silicon Valley)

Congratulations all!

Stay creative!

- NICTのイベント|平成28年度|起業家甲子園 ・ 起業家万博 - 総務省・NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days|起業家甲子園 ・ 起業家万博 - 総務省・NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days|起業家甲子園|開催報告|NICT 情報通信ベンチャー支援センター

この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image