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Sabae to the World! 101 Businesses and Budgets in 2017 fisical year

2017/04/19 23:55:00
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Sabae city (Fukui prefecture, Japan) start 2017 fisical year with 58 new business plans!
"平成29年度当初予算の概要 – めがねのまちさばえ 鯖江市"

"Sabae Businesses and Budgets / 鯖江市 平成29年度当初予算(主な事業) めがねのまちさばえ 世界飛翔元年"
(using CSV opendata)

I picked up some interesting plans.
- 英語に親しむ活動事業 810万円 (enjoy English)
- 鯖浦線防犯プロジェクト事業 800万円
- 公共用地ポケットパーク整備事業 600万円
- 大人ファーストさばえ眼鏡 600万円
- めがねのまちさばえから日本の未来が見えてくる事業 300万円
- ググれるまちサバエ事業 200万円 (googleability)
- プログラミング教育推進事業 182万円 (programming)
- 鯖江市役所JK課オリジナルメガネSOUZOU 100万円
- 若者による地域活性化推進事業 80万円
- サバエ×ワカモノ夢創造大学事業 80万円
- アジア建築学生国際サマーワークショップ支援事業費 80万円
- クリエイティブ教育都市事業 70万円 (creative education)
- DPDPドローンパイロット養成事業 70万円 (drone pilot)
- 「新しい公共」起業家支援事業 65万円 (Startup Intelligence in Sabae!?)
- サバヌシ総会事業(仮称) 35万円
- 国立情報学研究所との相互連携事業 30万円
- アプリコンテスト開催事業 20万円 (App contest)
- ご当地マンホールPR事業 4万円
主な事業合計 101事業 11億429万円

How about you?
Enjoy living your city!

- 平成29年度当初予算の概要 – めがねのまちさばえ 鯖江市
- 若者だもの・ 福野あおい 鯖江市議 — 鯖江市が京セラドームをジャックします
- 実感できるオープンガバメントへ | OpenGovLab

Real Time Graph of Bus Passengers using Sabae Open Data

2017/04/13 23:55:00
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I made a graph app from the open data of Tsutsuji-Bus at Sabae city.

Bus Graph / つつじバス乗客数グラフ@ja
(based on つつじバスなう)

- Count of Bus Passengers Real Time Open Data in Sabae
- Deploy to the Bus, "Bus Passengers Realtime Opendata System" will start at Sabae!
- Smart Bus with Corporate Fellowship of Code for Japan in Smart City Sabae

Count of Bus Passengers Real Time Open Data in Sabae

2017/04/12 23:55:00
#opendata #js #sabae #english 

Have you ever wondered whether the bus is crowded or not?
Sabae city started "Count of Bus Passengers Real Time Open Data System".

This is the simple monitor application to look that!

"Tsutsuji-Bus now / つつじバスなう@ja"
see JSON Open Data! links
- Real Time Graph of Bus Passengers using Sabae Open Data
- Deploy to the Bus, "Bus Passengers Realtime Opendata System" will start at Sabae!
- Smart Bus with Corporate Fellowship of Code for Japan in Smart City Sabae

Hack the City of Shinjuku with LOD by SPARQL!

2017/04/06 23:55:00
#opendata #js #english 

39 cities have opened them data with LOD (5 star opendata). (*finddata, datalist)
There are 4 types of LOD at Shinjuku-ku, public facilities, public wifis, emergency facilities and culural properties. (公共施設、公衆無線LAN、避難所、文化財@ja)
I updated open source application "AKIJIKAN" to mix cultural properties (URI =

AKIJIKAN at Shinjuku DEMO.
Let's find hidden historical place in Big City Shinjuku with AKIJIKAN!

The local councilor at Shinjuku Mr. Yohei Ito made a web application using public WiFi 5-star open data by SPARQL!

"Shinjuku Free WIFIマップ作成。オープンデータ入門は、SPARQLでLinked RDFを操作 | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平"

Shinjuku is a wonderful place cause this city has a councilor who can program web app and talk in SPARQL!

- AKIJIKAN (src on GitHub)
- Shinjuku Free WIFIマップ作成。オープンデータ入門は、SPARQLでLinked RDFを操作 | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平

Get the Number of Japan's Inbound via RESAS-API / RESAS App Contest the Final

2017/03/26 23:55:00
#opendata #english 

RESAS is Regional Economy Society Analyzing System by Cabinet Office, Government Of Japan. They provide Open Data APIs as RESAS-API. Today is the final of RESAS App Contest. I'm a member of judges. We elected Hinata-GIS (ひなたGIS@ja) by the ICT team of Miyazaki prefecture. Congratulations!!

Second prize is "We've tried to make Odaka (小高作ってみた@ja)" unique engneering activity with real time POS data from actual store in Odaka Fukushima prefecture.

"R" from RESAS!

Almost APIs from the private companies will end this April except the inbound data from NTT docomo. I added a web application "Inbound by prefecture in Japan" using RESAS-API! Many APIs from the public organizations will works too. Let's start to challege from JavaScript/webapp!

Inbound by prefecture in Japan - src on GitHub
Try to get APIKEY of RESAS-API and access inbound data from NTT docomo!

My photo as open data

- RESASアプリコンテスト | RESAS-APIで変わるミライがある (results & movies of the contest)
- RESAS API samples by Code for Fukui (src)

Born Price Mapping by Open Data

2017/03/25 23:55:00
#gourmet #opendata #sabae #english 

Updated the Born Open Data!

"Seimai Buai" is important data as Japanese Sake.
This number is the ratio of polished and used rice. (20% means scrape off each rices)
I mapped unit prices and each "Seimai Buai" numbers on the web app.

"梵 mapping"
"Born: A Wakening Of The Angel 天使のめざめ@ja" is located right out of range, please scroll to the right

"梵 mapping"
The price range of Born is 1,322yen/L - 38,096yen/L.
Check and taste the Born Sake!

- 日本酒 梵 鯖江 福井の地酒 加藤吉平商店 / Born
- Born Sake Open Data on GitHub

Data City Shinjuku aims the most Innovative City!

2017/03/23 23:55:00
#opendata #sabae #english 

10 times people lived in Japan, 1.26 billion people across the Shinjuku station a year. This record is top of the world (see JAPANTODAY). There are many IT industry companies. Also started at Shinjuku. I presented at government office of the Shinjuku. I was invited Mr. Yohei Ito by the youngest local councilor at Shinjuku.

"Let's innovate by Open Data x IoT"

We need innovations in this complex society. Let's use our great technologies computers and the web. Let's create together across any locational or age borders.

The web will change to the next web. (Sir Tim at TED conference)
Today there are 282 open data cities in Japan. (the list of the open data cities)
Data helps us to solve. (Sapporo Open Data, Population distribution in Japan)
Open Data and IoT is key technologies today!
Let's open tech tools to kids will create the future!

Open Innovations: Toyota x Tamiya

"Bus and Bridge Open Data Map in Sabae"

BASIC Computer Programming Class in Sabae Shinmei elementary school (3rd grade)

Kid's power: Kid's IoT Hackathon

- オープンデータ、IoTも活用し、データシティ新宿の実現へ | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平 (a blog by Mr. Yohei Ito)
- The 51 busiest train stations in the world– All but 6 located in Japan ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion
- Yahoo!Japanより鯖江に2名!公共交通をテーマに鯖江コーポレートフェローシップ第三期スタート #sabae #codefor #opendata / 福野泰介の一日一創 / Create every day by Taisuke Fukuno

Thank you Ito-san!

Tasty Sabae / Born Sake App updated!

2017/03/22 23:55:00
#gourmet #opendata #sabae #english 

I'm a member of the internationalization task force at the Sabae Chamber of Commerce and Industry (鯖江商工会議所@ja). We promote OPENDATA from the local industries. I'm making the Born Japanese Sake App as a model case.

I updated the application and data from Born company "Kato Kichibee Shoten".

梵 / Born -

Source code and Data are available on GitHub.

VLED Commendation of excellent activities about open data in FY2016

2017/03/09 23:55:00
#opendata #VLED #english 

VLED is a organization to promote Open Data and Big Data.
This runs by governments and companies in Japan (KDDI, DENTSU, IBM Japan, NEC, NTT, Microsoft Japan, Hitachi, Fujitsu, MRI and so on).
I am a member of VLED, also a judge of this commendations.

VLED (and past org.) commendate excellent activities about open data every year since 2012.

I made a list of activities commendated on clean Excel file. (not 神Excel@ja)

"VLED Winner / VLED勝手表彰 受賞者一覧" on Google Docs (you can access by API also)
License: CC BY VLED

Try next year! Join us as a sponsor!

- Awards - VLED FY2015
- Awards - Open Data Promotion Consortium FY2013

ANIKI RUN / Open Data with Open Source improves Open Innovations!

2017/03/05 23:55:00
#IODD2017 #opendata #js #english 

The last committee of the open source application contest using Public Cloud as the open data platform by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (公共クラウドシステム@ja). 5 finalists from 3 areas presented them application and AKIJIKAN was selected the 1st! All of the applications are opened on GitHub means you can remake and publish everythings you like!

"ANIKIRUN" src on GitHub
This simple game uses some illustrations from ANIKI team (src on GitHub)! Fork it!

5 min presentation each

This team included 1 min short drama

Congratulations all!!

The power of open source applications with open data will be big this year!
Let's innovate!

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