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How to control the Heart shaped LED board by IchigoJam

2017/04/23 23:55:00
#maker #IchigoJam #english 

Electronic making is kind of handicraft. Girls like it also! (ギャル電@ja)

I found a cute kit, so I modified to be more. You can display as pink color using BASIC program to control blue and red 2 color LEDs it has.

This kit includes "Happy Birthday" music IC but didn't use. Keep it another objects.

* red 'x' not use!

connect 5 wires to IchigoJam (* you can select front or back on new ver.)

IchigoJamcolorHeart LED
OUT2 (CN4)yellowR2 bottom
OUT3 (CN4)blueR3 bottom
GND (CN5)blackDC -
5V (CN5)redDC +
SOUND (CN3)greenVT3 top

program it!

10 PWM 2,RND(30) 20 PWM 3,RND(10) 30 BEEP RND(20)+10,5 40 WAIT30 50 GOTO 10

Let's make your own elecronic accessories!

- ハート18LED&メロディキット - aitendo (new ver.)
- ハート18LED&メロディキット - aitendo (old ver.)

Let's Be Smart Home Creator! Cat IoT with WiFi module "MixJuice" for IchigoJam

2017/04/10 23:55:00
#ichigojam #IoT #maker #neko #english 

If you have own WiFi in the home, using WiFi is one of easy way to create own IoT device. Cheking cat's toilet is first step to look a cat's health! Today I updated its communication device to WiFi.

NekoIoT notices me that a cat go to a toilet.

It's a 450 yen distance sensor same as paprika's eye!
* シャープ測距モジュール GP2Y0A21YK: センサ一般 秋月電子通商 電子部品 ネット通販

MixJuice is the WiFi module for IchigoJam.
Just stack your IchigoJam and set up.

?"MJ APC *ssid* *password* MJ APC *ssid* *password* '................. 'WiFi connected: ***.***.***.*** 'OK

It succeeded to connect the net! And program as below.

1 'NekoIoT ver 1.3 10 W=60*20:D=0:L=200:LED1:?"Connecting..." 15 UART0,0:WAIT W:LED0:?"OK":UART1,1 20 GSB@GET:?A:IF A<=L WAIT10:CONT 32 LED1 36 ?"SEND!":GSB@SEND 40 WAIT 60*10 45 LED0 50 GOTO 20 200 @GET:M=0:S=0:FOR I=0 TO 4:A=ANA(2):S=S+A:IF A>M M=A 210 WAIT5:NEXT 220 A=(S-M)/4:RTN 300 @SEND:?"MJ GET ***.***/***/?v=";A:RTN

* set a URL of your web app! I set up to notice my phone via IFTTT.

Sakura's IoT Platform is easy way to create IoT also and the easiest way to set up! Just be power it on!
"How to blink a LED via web on IchigoJam using Sakura IoT Platform beta"
This is a tutorial to use it.

In 27 April at Tokyo, we will hold an IoT event!
"Ideathon with the first step of IoT and Open Data / IoTとオープンデータはじめのいっぽ&課題解決型アイデアソン"

Manipulate 10 Servos on IchigoJam (PCA9685 via I2C)

2017/04/08 23:55:00
#ichigojam #maker #english 

It's very easy to manipulate a servo on IchigoJam.

PWM 2,100:WAIT60:PWM 2,200

2 means OUT2, 100 means 0.1msec. You can control from 50 to 200 to manipulate the servo.

OUT2-5 supports PWM command. So you can connect up to 4 servos. Do you want to more? Yes we can!

Use this the kit using NXP PCA9685. You can connect 16 servos to this unit and control by I2C. Maximum capacity to manipulate is 992 servos using 16 units cause each unit can have a I2C slave address.

It's very easy to connect. Connect 5V/SCL/SDA/GND/VCC to same name pin on IchigoJam. And connect servos as many as you want (up to 16).

1 'servo 16 (for ver 1.2beta43) 10 POKE#700,#10,100,#A1 20 IF I2CW(#40,0,#700,1) STOP 30 A=I2CW(#40,#FE,#701,1) 40 A=I2CW(#40,0,#702,1) 50 CLV:N=10 60 M=400:FOR I=1 TO N:[I*2-1]=M:NEXT:GSB@SVO 65 WAIT 30 67 FOR J=1 TO 2 70 FOR I=1 TO N:[I*2-1]=150+RND(600-150):NEXT:GSB@SVO 80 NEXT 90 GOTO 60 100 @SVO 110 CLS:FOR I=1 TO N:LC 10,I*2:?HEX$(I-1),[I*2-1]:NEXT 120 A=I2CW(#40,6,#800,4*N) 130 WAIT30:RTN

This is demo program to manipulate 10 servos (on the movie).
10-40 set the frequency of PWM (have to stop before setting)
60 reset positions
70 set randam positions
100-130 sub function to manipulate servos and show them number

Try make your original robot!

- I2C接続16チャンネル サーボ&PWM駆動キット: 組立キット 秋月電子通商 電子部品 ネット通販 (PCA9685)
- マイクロサーボ9g SG-90: サーボ 秋月電子通商 電子部品 ネット通販 (servo)
- Raspberry Piで10個のサーボモーター動かしてみた: EeePCの軌跡
- 歩行ロボットをつくるにはまずこれ!【サーボ編2】 - いそぷろのブログ
- Overview | Adafruit 16-Channel Servo Driver with Arduino | Adafruit Learning System

Enlarge Your Storage! 1Mbit EEPROM PCB for IchigoJam

2017/04/07 23:55:00
#ichigojam #maker #english 

IchigoJam can storage your 4 programs. If you want to save more, use a chip of EEPROM!
* EEPROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

CN5 of IchigoJam T supports I2C, so I made a EEPROM board!

How to make a EEPROM board on Upverter.

1. Select the EEPROM from the list (A2 is GND or VCC)
"EEPROM for IchigoJam" on Google Docs spread sheet

2. Draw the circuit

3. Design the PCB

4. Order the PCB (Elecrow, FusionPCB, pcbgogo and so on...)

5. Solder the board!

Let's try to make your original EEPROM board!
Easy first step is just forking this!
"1Mbit(microchip) EEPROM cassette for IchigoJam by taisukef 94fa57c5e8a868b1 - Upverter"

IchigoJam Zero the World's Lightest PC 0g 150yen for IchigoJam Things!

2017/04/01 00:00:00
#IchigoJam #IoT #maker #english 

重さ0g、150円の世界最軽量、最安値のパソコン「IchigoJam Zero」と「IchigoJam Things」をリリース!
I released the world's lightest 0g/150yen PC "IchigoJam Zero" and "IchigoJam Things"!

Finger Size! 指の上サイズ! (photo human ver.)

Weight: 0g (IchigoJam Zero) / 9g (Raspberry Pi Zero)

IchigoJam ZeroRaspberry Pi Zero
CPUNXP LPC1114 @ 48MHzARM1176JZF-S @ 1GHz
UART115,200bps (default)115,200bps (default)
Video outputNTSC composit
(needs 2 registers 470/100)
HDMI / NTSC composit
(needs 2 wires)
KeyboardPS/2 keyboard
(needs 2 wires)
USB keyboard
Storageinternal Flashneeds a SD card
IchigoLatte JavaScript
(needs download & install)
Raspbian etc...
(needs download & install)
Size11.8mm x 7.2mm67.6mm × 30mm
Power Consumption0.05W0.5W-0.7W

IchigoJam Things is a break out board for IchigoJam Zero!

Now available on Upverter! "IchigoJam Things / RPi by taisukef f9de7f39761699b0 - Upverter"
IchigoJam Zero を使うブレイクアウトボード「IchigoJam Things」のガーバーデータがダウンロード可能です!

IchigoJam Zero on IchigoDake & IchigoIgai by PCN

IchigoDake makes IchigoJam everywhere!

Enjoy making everythings! ものづくりをたのしもう!

- 「若年層に対するプログラミング教育の普及推進」事業にIchigoJam採用!
- 2017.4.1 IchigoDake / IchigoIgai | PCN プログラミング クラブ ネットワーク
- 2016.4.1 MSXになりたい「こどもパソコンIchigoJam」あの起動ロゴを搭載!(boot logo)
- 2015.4.1 創る人を創ろう! Pepper より安価な こどもロボットPaprika 発表!(Kids Robot paprika)
- 2014.4.1 目指すはMSX! Raspberry Pi より安価な IchigoJam 発表!(Kids PC IchigoJam)
- 2013.4.1 jig megane-0 かけられる大容量バッテリー(glasses)

Deploy to the Bus, "Bus Passengers Realtime Opendata System" will start at Sabae!

2017/03/30 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #IoT #maker #english 

Sabae city was worried about taking times to make the report of count of passengers everyday. "Sakura's IoT Platform(さくらのIoT Platform@ja →" the lowest 4G network device and IchigoJam will solve it!

Mr. Makita CIO of Sabae city built devices.

Find the place to deploy it!

Connect the power cable from the cigar socket of the bus to this system!

Tada! It's works!

The zero days (day 10, 20 and 30) are free for elderly people (over 75).
Let's promote with Sabae city!

Looking forward to launch in this April 1!

- Features
Pysical Buttons are easier than touch interfaces and hand writings.
IchigoJam is stronger than other PCs cause no external strages (SD/SSD/HDD).
IchigoJam boots quicker than other PCs, just a second.
IchigoJam is safer than other PCs cause OS is very thin IchigoJam BASIC OS.
Sakura's IoT Platform is safer than other systems cause this is protected by the device and the safe connection.

- 鯖江市のバス乗客リアルタイムオープンデータシステムを支える「IchigoJam」 - IchigoJamとさくらのIoT Platform | マイナビニュース
- Sakura's IoT Platform(さくらのIoT Platform@ja → (IchigoJam is one of the priority partners)

How to connect Physical Push Buttons to IchigoJam and web

2017/03/29 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #IoT #maker #english 

The physical push button is easy to user for everyone!
Let's connect and use on your IchigoJam.

It's very easy that you can connect 1 push button via 2 wires (GND-IN1).


IN1,IN2,IN4 of IchigoJam are pull-uped port, so you can directly connect the wire.
IN3 and OUT1-6 are not pull-uped, so you have to pull-up using about the 10kΩ register each.

This system is for the Sabae Bus.

In this April, bus drivers will manipulate this!
"Bus Realtime OPENDATA System Project with Corprate Fellowship (Code for Japan) at Sabae"

10 FOR I=1 TO 5:OUT I,-1:NEXT 20 C=IN()&`11111011:A=~C&B:B=C 40 ?A 50 GOTO 20

This code is to get timings of pressing.

Let's connect physical to web!

- 福井県鯖江市、、さくらインターネットが共同開発した「バス乗客リアルタイムオープンデータシステム」を鯖江市の公共バスで運用開始

3D printer and Programming for MONODUKURI Girls

2017/03/27 23:55:00
#hanadojo #maker #IchigoJam #fukui #english 

A touching a 3D printer, first electro-making and programming Hana Dojo workshop at the co-working space sankaku in Fukui. This event for girls as a first session of MONODUKURI Girl's Dojo (ものづくり女子道場@ja).

Which is faster a 3D printing printer or you IchigoJam making.
Let's start to solder your computer IchigoJam!

After making, Programming a game! "KAWAKUDARI game"

Interested? Please check "MONODUKUI Girl's Dojo"!

You can make the box using the 3D printer.
You can make a software and a hardware using IchigoJam.
You can make your original board using Upverter.
(This is EEPROM for IchigoJam... but it was fail. I have to check my mistake of the circuit.)

Making of IoP = Internet of Pager(ポケベル@ja) / jig hackathon 2017

2017/03/17 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #maker #jig #english 

Do you know or remember the Pager(ポケベル@ja)?
We reinvented the Pager as the IoT using Sakura's IoT Paltform and Twilio.

IchigoJam will show digits or message on Micro Dot pHAT from the web.

This is the system architecture of IoP.

Before's 15th years kick off meeting, we hold the jig hackathon 2017 at 11am!
Our 9 teams raced to get the "Born" the Japanese champion sake.

I was in charge of the hardware side.
This is the prototype before making the body with paper.
These are 2 IchigoJam BASIC programs of IoP.

1 'IoP - FILE0 10 LED1 100 @LOOP 110 GSB @CHK:IF N=0 WAIT30:CONT 120 GSB @GET:CLS:COPY#900,#785,6:LED0:LRUN1 800 'IoT Lib 810 @CHK:POKE#700,#32,0:N=4:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#783):RTN 820 @GET:POKE#700,#30,0:N=#14:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#784):RTN 900 @I2C:'use M,C,I 910 M=PEEK(#701)+2 920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 930 IF I2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1) STOP 940 C=0:FOR I=0 TO N-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:?M;" ";:NEXT:? 950 IF C!=PEEK(#780+N) OR PEEK(#780)!=1 STOP 960 RTN

1 'IoP - FILE1 10 GSB@INIT 30 FOR P=0 TO 5 40 C=PEEK(#900+P):GSB@PUTC 50 NEXT:GSB@UPDATE 55 PLAY"O5$BR" 56 IF BTN()=0 CONT ELSE PLAY 58 GSB@CLS:GSB@UPDATE 60 LRUN0 99 'Micro Dot lib 100 @INIT 110 FOR I=#61 TO #63 120 POKE#800,0,`11000:IF I2CW(I,#800,2,#800,0) STOP 130 POKE#800,#D,`1110:IF I2CW(I,#800,2,#800,0) STOP 140 POKE#800,#19,255:IF I2CW(I,#800,2,#800,0) STOP 150 NEXT 160 RTN 200 @PUTC:'P=pos0-5,C=char 210 A=#63-P/2:IF P&1 GSB@A ELSE GSB@B 230 RTN 300 @A 310 FOR I=0 TO 6 320 D=PEEK(C*8+I)>>2:N=0 330 FOR J=0 TO 4 340 N=N+D&1&lt;<(4-J):D=D>>1 350 NEXT 360 POKE#700+I,N 370 NEXT 380 POKE#800,1:IF I2CW(A,#800,1,#700,7) STOP 390 RTN 400 @B 410 FOR I=0 TO 4 420 N=0 430 FOR J=0 TO 6 440 N=N+PEEK(C*8+J)>>(6-I)&1&lt;<J 450 NEXT 460 POKE#700+I,N 470 NEXT 480 POKE#800,#E:IF I2CW(A,#800,1,#700,5) STOP 490 RTN 500 @UPDATE 510 FOR A=#61 TO #63:POKE#700,#C,1:IF I2CW(A,#700,2,#700,0) STOP 520 NEXT:RTN 600 @CLS:FORP=0TO5:C=0:GSB@PUTC:NEXT:RTN

(for IchigoJam 1.2 beta 42)

Have a nice hack!

We'll start 15th year this April!

Spring New Colors! IchigoJam Moku-Moku-Meeting Event this Saturday!

2017/03/16 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #maker #english 

I've got new colors IchigoJam!

mat green, purple, mat black by pcbgogo(jp)

In this weekend Saturday at Akihabara, we will hold an event about IchigoJam with Moku-Moku.
Join us!

"IchigoJam Moku-Moku-Meeting もくもく会"

この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image