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Why loop with I? Multiplication by FOR-NEXT LOOP on IchigoJam / IchigoJamプリント くりかえし

2017/05/23 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT 

I found the reason why using I,J,K variables with loop on the old FORTRAN reference. FORTRAN has 2 types variables floating and fixed number. The type is fixed when the variable starts a letter I to N!

Programmer's reference manual Fortran (IBM704) - The Fortran Company
I found a IBM 711IBM 704 on the movie "Hidden Figures" (review@ja)

FORTRAN is the origin computer language according from the Computer History Museum. BASIC came from FORTRAN also.

Let's play with the LOOP on IchigoJam BASIC. I added a print about the the loop using FOR-NEXT command.

IchigoJam print

Please join us to make prints to learn BASIC!
"IchigoJam on GitHub"

IchigoJam - BEST IN CLASS at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 / メイカーフェアで教育優秀賞受賞!

2017/05/22 23:55:00
#maker #MFBA2017 #KidsIT 

We've got a prize "BEST IN CLASS" of Maker Faire Bay Area 2017, the biggest Maker Faire in the world! ものづくりイベント「メイカーフェア」中でも、世界最大のベイエリア2017にて、PCNが「ベストインクラス(教育優秀賞 / Excellence in Education)」を受賞!(過去受賞作品)

Maker Faire took us the Red Ribbon!

We met many good simles! たくさんの笑顔に会いました!

Many kids and adults play KAWAKUDARI game with the big controller.

10 X=15:CLS 20 LOCATE X,5:PRINT "O" 30 LOCATE RND(32),23:PRINT "*" 35 WAIT 3 36 X=X-BTN(28)+BTN(29) 37 IF SCR(X,5) END 40 GOTO 20

Today we modified by this program. このゲームのベースプログラムがこちら

36 X=X-IN(1)+IN(4)

This short program is to modify using Big Controller! 大きなコントローラー対応もこれ1行!

He was trying to read the BASIC program of IchigoJam T-shirt!

He read MSX-FAN with fun! Commodore 64 is the most famous first computer here.

Thank you for coming to our booth. We really enjoyed! 楽しかった!感謝です!

Congraturations Raspberry Pi become 5 age! おめでとう!ラズパイ5歳!
"Maker Faire | Celebrating Five Years of Raspberry Pi"


台湾からウェアラブルで出展! Wearable guy from Taiwan! Chcek the neoplug!

TOPOLOGY provide order made glasses. I want to support neoplug!

PCN our mission is "Programming for all kids" with fun! See you next time!

See you! またお会いしましょう!

- PCN - Programming Club Network in English
- IchigoJam - official in English
- Maker Faire | IchigoJam from Japan
- PCN has received the red ribbon award ‘BEST IN CLASS’!! IchigoJam and IchigoLatte are very popular in Maker Faire Bay Area. – about yrm
- What's IchigoJam? Thanks for coming to PCN booth at Maker Faire Bay Area
- 23 Editors’ Choice Winners from the World Maker Faire in New York

CoderBunnyz, 8-age girl CEO made a board game to learn programming / 8歳女子CEO開発のプログラミング学習ボードゲーム

2017/05/21 23:55:00
#makerfairebayarea #KidsIT 

At Maker Faire Bay Area 2017, my most favorite is CoderBunnyz!

with Coder Bunnyz (コーダーバニーズ、サマイラちゃんと!)

Ms. Samaira girl CEO created a board game to learn programming.
List, Stack, Queue and so on... you can learn important things with programming with fun!

playing CoderBunnyz / コーダーバニーズ、プレイ中

- CoderBunnyz
- CoderBunnyz - Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

What's IchigoJam? Thanks for coming to PCN booth at Maker Faire Bay Area

2017/05/20 23:55:00
#makerfairebayarea #IchigoJam #KidsIT 

Programming Club Network (PCN) our mission is programming for every kids in the world.

What's this?
IchigoJam is $15 computer to learn programming for kids. It's inexpensive, very simple architecture, circuit as simple as kids can build on the breadboard.

Like Raspberry Pi?
Yes but simpler. You don't need to install OS. It boots a second and any time you can shutdown.

Like Arduino?
Yes but you don't need another PC. IchigoJam is self development PC. You have to prepare a TV, a keyboard(PS/2) and a micro USB.

Like Comodore 64 / Apple-I/II?
Yes! You and your kids can enjoy computing! And you can control Inputs and Outputs very easilly!


BASIC is simple and powerful computer language. Young kids can read easilly with all short commands are written by upper cases. Line numbers helps understanding what program is and how program works in computers. BASIC has 50 years history and many fans and mini experts can teach to kids!

Why IchigoJam?
Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese. Also "Ichi" is "One", "Go" is "Five" in Japanese. So $15 computer like Raspberry Pi.

What's CPU?
Just $1 CPU, 32bit ARM Cortex-M0 "LPC1114" by NXP. But it can calculate 50,000,000 times a second! It has 4K RAM and 32K Flash ROM. The size of IchigoJam OS is less than 24KB. You can save 4 1KB programs in BASIC on it.

What do I prepare to start?
A PS/2 keyboard, a TV (as a monitor with composit terminal) and a microUSB.

Where can I buy?
At PCN online shop. "PRODUCTS | PCN Programming club network"

Thank you for visiting PCN booth!

This demo program in BASIC makes big fun to kids!

Welcome to PCN booth! (Zone #2 at #makerfairebayarea )

- PCN - Programming Club Network in English
- IchigoJam - official in English
- IchigoJam - BEST IN CLASS at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 / メイカーフェアでベストインクラス受賞!

教育ITソリューションEXPO「学びNEXT」 IchigoJam / IchigoJam on Education Expo

2017/05/17 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT 

"ソビーゴ こども ロボット プログラミング | sovigo"

OUT 33:WAIT 60: OUT 0

IchigoJamで扱うロボットはみんな同じ、OUT 33 で、前進!1秒前進してストップ!
You can same command to manipulate all robots. Type "OUT33" to move forward! Stop after 1 second.


To manipulate the robot with cursor keys.

Tamiya CamRobo x IchigoJam RPi at IO-DATA(アイオーデータ機器) booth!

IchigoJam RPi - IchigoJam on Raspberry Pi3!

あるプログラムが書いてある IchigoJam Tシャツ! T-shirt with IchigoJam BASIC program!

大人向けミニ体験会やってます Mini workshops for adults

IchigoJamでのプログラミング、お試し可能です Try IchigoJam on IchigoDake and IchigoIgai

多企業連携、KidsVentureの取り組み紹介 - KidsVenture activities を使った、多拠点にいる子供たちを結んだタイピング競争! Typing on line with!

長野県南相木村でのIchigoJamを使った取り組み - IchigoJam activities at Minamiaiki-village Nagano prefecture

会場/location:TOKYO BIG SIGHT

学びNEXT みらいの学びゾーン、2Fへどうぞ! Please come to 2F "future of learning"

PCN - Natural Style booth "学びNEXT" 2F

- 教育ITソリューションEXPO 学びNEXT 5/17-19
- ソビーゴ こども ロボット プログラミング | sovigo
- 第56回 静岡ホビーショーに「カムプログラムロボット工作セット」を参考出品
- Moblie Game Machine making workshop for Kids using IchigoJam RPi / I-O DATA FAIR 2017

ブレッドボード x IchigoJam - 電子工作入門「めがねふきロボットづくり」 / Breadboard x IchigoJam, making a megane robot as the first step of electronic work

2017/05/16 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #maker #doc #sabae #kosen 

We taught to students at Fukui Kosen to become mentor for kids programming education.

"めがねふきロボットをつくろう / Let's create megane cleaner robot!"

IchigoJam likes bread! Let's get a skill to use breadboard as a electronic part!

Connect 3 wires to IchigoJam after making a circuit on the breadboard to use light sensor.

You can use more 3 GNDs if you want to use many LEDs!!

こんな風につないでもOK! It's OK such like this.

学生も楽しそうでした! We were happy to see enjoying students.

つくるひとつくろう! Let's create creators!

- 「タミヤロボットスクール」全国展開、タミヤの工作キットとIchigoJamでプログラミング学習 -INTERNET Watch
- 教育ITソリューションEXPO 学びNEXT - IchigoJam関連の展示あり!5/17-19

レゴテクニックシリーズをIchigoJamと赤外線LEDで制御する(マシン語) / Control Lego Technic by IchigoJam and IR LED

2017/05/06 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #maker #english 

How to lower hurdles about robots?

レゴ テクニックシリーズは、ロボットづくりの肝のひとつ、メカトロニクス版を電子工作でいうブレッドボードのように試行錯誤が自由自在! シンプルなサッカーロボなら10分ほどでつくれてしまいます。 オープンソースハードウェアでもある組立図を見ながらこんな大型クレーンや、ショベルカーまで!
Lego Technic series likes breadboard! It's easy to make everything!

I connected Lego and IchigoJam using past codes.

You can control the Lego with this program with selectable power 7 levels.

1 P=4 10 A=-P:B=P:GSB100:WAIT30 20 A=-P:B=0:GSB100:WAIT30 30 A=0:B=P:GSB100:WAIT30 40 A=P:B=P:GSB100:WAIT30 50 A=0:B=0:GSB100 99 END

This demo robot is very simple. But you can control up to 8 motors! (2 motors x 4ch)

It's OK just put in IR-LED GND and OUT1. But a transistor enlarge the power!

This program drives a IR-LED to control Lego.

100 N=1<<14|C<<12|B&15<<8|A&15<<4 110 R=15^(N>>12)^(N>>8)^(N>>4)&15 120 IF PEEK(#700)!=112 GOSUB2000 130 ?USR(#700,N|R):RTN 2000 POKE#700,112,181,114,182,80,35,27,2,1,51,27,4,4,51,1,37,0,38,1,36,228,3,0,240,28,248,78,34,0,240,19,248,0,240,23,248,20,34,0,240 2010 POKE#728,14,248,32,66,2,208,22,34,0,240,9,248,100,8,243,209,0,240,11,248,78,34,0,240,2,248,98,182,112,189,0,181,0,240,14,248,1,58,251,209 2020 POKE#750,0,189,0,181,6,34,29,96,0,240,6,248,30,96,0,240,3,248,1,58,247,209,0,189,155,33,1,57,253,209,112,71 2030 RTN

See also if you want to learn the machine language on IchigoJam.

"asm15 - Assembler for IchigoJam"
I modified to assemble the code by BoxHeadRoom.

- PawerFunctionsの赤外線解析⑤・・・ - LEGOの機関車○●○ - Yahoo!ブログ
- IchigoJam 用アセンブラ - BoxHeadRoom 別館

グミのお菓子とレジンでイカLEDづくり / Squid LED by Gummy Tray

2017/05/05 23:55:00
#KidsIT #maker #english 

This Kid's day as the Moku-Moku making party in Hana-Dojo. Many kids came there!

I made also squid LED by the gummy tray.

光るスーパーキノコ! The super mushroom lightied up!

小さいものなら数分で固まる、UVレジン硬化用のUVライトをHana道場に導入! (参考、UVライト 1,980円
You can use UV light at Hana-dojo!

From 5-11 age kids tried first programming on IchigoJam!

やっぱりゲームは盛り上がります! All kids love games!

I taught how to control a servo to a child wanted to make robots.

- つくるおやつ|バンダイ キャンディ公式サイト (Splatoon / Super Mario Maker / Pokemon etc...)

大きなLEDをIchigoJamで制御する / Big 7 Seg LED controlled by IchigoJam

2017/05/02 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #maker #KidsIT #english 

Do not you want to make a big LED sign at the town?

Let's control a big LED as next step after making a traffic signal.

Be careful! Higher voltage has higher risk of you.

超大型赤色7セグメントLED表示器のデータシートを見ると、光らせるには7.2V(ドット部分だけは3.6V)が必要みたいです(VF)。 12VのACアダプターと抵抗をつないで、光らせてテストしてみましょう。抵抗なしや、抵抗が小さすぎると電流が流れすぎてLEDを壊してしまうので注意!データシートのIFに20mAとあるので (12V-7.2V)/0.02A=240Ω と計算したあたりの抵抗を使います(ドット部分DPは、(12V-3.6V)/0.02A=420Ω)。
You need 7.2V VF to light big 7 seg LED according to the data sheet. Use about 240Ω and 420Ω with a 12V AC adapter.

Use a transistor to control a LED. Transistor array(TD62004APG) is useful to control many LEDs!

Connect OUT1-6 and LED to A-G of 7 seg LED.


ついた? Is it OK?

10 LET[0],#3F,6,#5B,#4F,#66,#6D,#7D,#27,#7F,#6F RUN OK OUT[5] OK

5とついた? Did you get a '5'?

20 OUT RND(64) 30 IF BTN() OUT[RND(10)]:WAIT60 40 WAIT 2 50 GOTO 20

0-9までのサイコロプログラム 10 dice program

20 C=0 30 OUT[C] 40 WAIT 20 50 C=C+1 60 IF C=10 C=0 70 GOTO 30

自動カウンター auto counter

Signal Gacha controlled by IchigoJam / 信号ガチャ改造法

2017/04/30 23:55:00
#maker #KidsIT #english 

Let's show the real world to kids! (こどもに社会を魅せよう!)
PCN showed programmer's work with IchigoJam at the event "Hatara Kids (はたらキッズ@ja)" in Fukui Lpa (エルパ@ja).

For instance do you know how the traffic signal works? (例えば信号機の仕事)
I found the signal toy Gacha (信号ガチャ) in Village Vanguard at Fukui Lpa.

There are steps to modify it to controll by IchigoJam BASIC.

Disassemble by the cutter and the minus driver (カッターとマイナスドライバーでバラす)

Remove contents (中身を取り除く)

3 3mm LEDs green, yellow and red (3つの3mm LED緑黄赤を準備)

Drill holes to put LEDs (LEDを差し込むための穴を空ける)

Glue LEDs (LEDをホットボンドで固める)

Wire 3 long legs and GND all short soldered legs (長い足と、はんだづけしてつなげた短い足GNDの4本配線する)


10 OUT1:WAIT30 20 OUT2:WAIT10 30 OUT4:WAIT50 40 GOTO10

It's not difficult to modify and program. Let's try!

- Make your own Signal by IchigoJam with CutleryCard - easy way with cards!
- IchigoJam print "Pedestrian Signal" as first step of electronics
- タカラトミーアーツさんのガチャ信号 + IchigoJam - ナチュラルスタイルの工作
- the Signla Gacha where can I get? - 3 spots in Fukui! (福井にも3箇所!)

この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image