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KATOKU by REKISHI / How to use the Rekishi Music Box Chip

2017/04/29 23:55:00
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Rekishi's *new* single CD "KATOKU" released! (KATOKU by レキシ@ja)

Ike-chan as Rekishi born in Sabae city! *Rekishi(レキシ@ja) means also "history" in Japanese
(レキシ池田貴史が福井県鯖江市「サングラス大使」第1号に就任 - 音楽ナタリー)

I've got the special music box card and disassembled. (オルゴール分解@ja)

It's a very simple electronic circuit. It's easy to desolder to get the chip.

from right upper
1. speaker out 1
2. VCC 3-5V?
3. speaker out 2
4. GND
* need some capacitors (VCC-GND 1uF?)

I added a volume controller.

Let's embed the Rekishi Music on your life!

Try it now!

- レキシ セカンドシングル 「KATOKU」発売! (official site)
- KATOKU(初回限定盤) Single, Limited Edition, Maxi (on Amazon)

How to divide on IchigoJam Assembly

2017/04/28 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #asm #ARM #english 

About the machine language on IchigoJam, you cant't find how to divide (割り算@ja) on the ARM Cortex-M0 command table. It's right. ARM Cortex-M0 has no commands of division. Instead you can use the function to divide.

IchigoJam BASIC command "USR" pass an address of function to divide as the register R3 after IchigoJam 1.2b31. (IchigoJam-FAN to download the latest version 1.2b45)

asm: R1=3 → 00100 001 [num]
asm: GOTO R3 → 010001110 [R3] 000
BASIC: PRINT 100 / 3 → 33

If you want to use the number as remainder (R1), call it!

[0]=`00100 001<<8 + 3 [1]=`1011010 100000000 [2]=`010001111 0011 000 [3]=`0100011000 001 000 [4]=`1011110 100000000 ?USR(#800,100) 1

asm: R1=3 → 00100 001 [num]
asm: PUSH {LR} → 1011010 100000000
asm: CALL R3 → 010001111 [R3] 000
asm: R0=R1 → 0100011000 [R1] [R0]
asm: POP {PC} → 1011110 100000000
BASIC: PRINT 100 % 3 → 1

Enjoy programming with the simple machine language!

- Cortex-M0 ARMマシン語表(抜粋)
はじめてのマシン語 - IchigoJamではじめるARMマシン語その1
- IchigoJam-FAN on Facebook

IZAKAYA style ideathon to make things using Open Data by Open Data Asia

2017/04/27 23:55:00
#OPDA #opendata #IoT #english 

Open Data Asia the first event at Shinjuku NHN Techorus.

Part 1: The first step of IoT and programming with IchigoJam x

Challenge the first step of IoT with IchigoJam x

Heart LED board with IoT!
This is library for IchigoJam x

20600 'IoT lib 20610 END 20700 @PWR:POKE#700,2,0:N=3:GSB@I2C:?PEEK(#782):RTN 20710 @ACT:POKE#700,1,0:N=3:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#782):RTN 20720 @GET:POKE#700,#30,0:N=#14:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#784):RTN 20730 @CHK:POKE#700,#32,0:N=4:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#783):RTN 20800 @WOUT:POKE#700,#20,10,1,76,W,W>>8,0,0,0,0,0,0:N=2:GSB@I2C:POKE#700,#24,0:N=2:GSB@I2C:RTN 20810 @WIN:W=0:GSB@CHK:IF!NRTNELSEGSB@GET:W=PEEK(#784)|PEEK(#785)<<8:RTN 20910 @I2C:M=PEEK(#701)+2 20920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 20930 IFI2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1)'STOP 20940 C=0:FORI=0TON-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:NEXT 20950 IFC!=PEEK(#780+N)ORPEEK(#780)!=1'STOP 20960 RTN

Part 2: IoT and Open Data ideathon!

Past day there are no standards to connect the power, so the vacume machine connected to the light socket!

We will aim the 5 star open data.

This is load map of (vocaburary for 5 star open data from Japan).

Let's enjoy our ideathon with ISAKAYA STYLE.

The slide with 7 ideas!

The prize "Let's create!" to the stress communicater team!

The wearable girl with neoplug x VUFINE+!

Thank you to participate! See you next time!

Thank you NHN Techorus!

- また新宿区内でオープンデータ×IoTイベントやります! | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平
- オープンデータ、IoTも活用し、データシティ新宿の実現へ | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平

Raspberry Pi Zero mounter for neoplug glass vertical edition

2017/04/26 23:55:00
#megane #print3d #english 

Glass Wearable needs 3 points.
point 1: confortable
point 2: not heavy
point 3: looks good

"neoplug" solved point 1.
"Raspberry Pi Zero" solved point 2.
To improve point 3, I added attechment for it.

neoplug Vertical Attachment for Raspberry Pi (data on Thingverse)

It modeled by Blender, the open source 3D modeling application.

After 20 min printing, you can screw to your RPi Zero and just slide to attach with neoplug!

- neoplug
- neoplug on Forbes Japan

Kosen students will be Kids Programming Mentor!? Cutlery Card version up!

2017/04/25 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #doc #english 

To share the programming skill for all of the Kids, PCN started trials at Fukui Kosen.
I updated the first step of IchigoJam with Cutlery Card.

"Cutlery Field" to put some cards.
(download here "CutleryCard_firststep1-front-ja-rev3.pdf")

I added "IF BTN()" and "GOTO1" to learn 'loop' and 'judge' in computer.

They are 44 candidates of Kids Programming Mentor! (2nd grade of EI, Fukui Kosen)

They built own IchigoJam computers!
It's just beginning! Let's enjoy computing with both hardwares and softwares!

- こどもプログラミング教材 Jammy! Programming.KIDS - 日鉄日立システムエンジニアリング株式会社 (original version)
- Let's Compile Your Hand! Real Card Programming for Kids

Running and Riding the Bus with VUFINE+ x neoplug

2017/04/24 23:55:00
#megane #english 

I've started to prepare an event of marathon at Sabae with the neoplug glass.

This is the first prototype of running indicator "speedmeter".
I was able to run with time, my speed, time, odometer and accuracy of GPS (now 5m is the best condition)!

I found a busstop in front of Fukui-KOSEN.
Next time I'll try to catch the bus to return to home!

How to control the Heart shaped LED board by IchigoJam

2017/04/23 23:55:00
#maker #IchigoJam #english 

Electronic making is kind of handicraft. Girls like it also! (ギャル電@ja)

I found a cute kit, so I modified to be more. You can display as pink color using BASIC program to control blue and red 2 color LEDs it has.

This kit includes "Happy Birthday" music IC but didn't use. Keep it another objects.

* red 'x' not use!

connect 5 wires to IchigoJam (* you can select front or back on new ver.)

IchigoJamcolorHeart LED
OUT2 (CN4)yellowR2 bottom
OUT3 (CN4)blueR3 bottom
GND (CN5)blackDC -
5V (CN5)redDC +
SOUND (CN3)greenVT3 top

program it!

10 PWM 2,RND(30) 20 PWM 3,RND(10) 30 BEEP RND(20)+10,5 40 WAIT30 50 GOTO 10

Let's make your own elecronic accessories!

- ハート18LED&メロディキット - aitendo (new ver.)
- ハート18LED&メロディキット - aitendo (old ver.)

Gamificate your life! Raspberry Pi x Glass with the neoplug 3D printed attachment

2017/04/22 23:55:00
#print3d #megane #IchigoJam #english 

I tested iPhone x neoplug. We need lighter one. So next I attached Raspbery Pi Zero on the other side of glasses.

How cute! (*I ordered shorter screws)

You can wear Raspberry Pi and small display! (*I need the smaller battery)

Using neoplug, it's very easy to attach and detach the attachment 3D printed!

I installed IchigoJam RPi to Raspberry Pi Zero. So this is a wearable BASIC machine also!

It likes a game on your real life!

10 CLS:?"TIME:";T 20 WAIT60:T=T+1:GOTO10 SAVE0

Let's enjoy programming your life in BASIC!

By the way I enjoyed small NES with neoplug x VUFINE+. (*without sounds)

There are things I mistaken. Failure is a source of success!

You can download this attachment STL data for 3D printers on Thingverse.
"attachment for neoplug x Raspberry Pi Zero by taisukef - Thingiverse"

Add annotations your life by neoplug x VUFINE+

2017/04/21 23:55:00
#sabae #megane #english 

The first model of neoplug the wearable adapter for glasses was arrived! In the beginning I tested with simple clock and stopwatch applications.

This is a composite image with simple clock app "clkbottom".
photo: the Ichigo event of NUAGE

You can snap the VUFINE+ to the glasses with neoplug adapter. You can see the front clearly and you can see the translucent time in the bottom of your sight.

This is an another composite image with stop watch app "stopwatch".
photo: the Ichigo event of NUAGE

VUFINE+ is the just wearable display so iPhone, Android, PC, Raspberry Pi and game machines any devices can connect it with HDMI. It's very fun to create the future lifestyles with smart glasses!

- 【鯖江~世界標準】ウェアラブルデバイスの新着脱機構“ネオプラグ”付メガネ - FAAVOさばえ
- Vufine | Wearable Displays, Simplified.
- 腕時計を過去のものに!電脳めがねによる眼鏡時計 (2011)

7seg LED simulator for IchigoJam web by WebAssembly x HTML

2017/04/20 23:55:00
#js #IchigoJam #web #english 

IchigoJam web updated to simulate 7-segment LED.

IchigoJam web by WebAssembly *7seg on right top!
IchigoJam web connects a 7-seg LED on HTML through shared memory on WebAssembly.

"LED(7seg) by PCN Kanazawa / LED(7セグ) by PCN金沢@ja"
7-segment LED is one of very popular electronics parts to build devices.

You can control the 7seg LED very easy.


"OUT1,1" to light up a top of LED. OUT1-7 connects each LEDs.


127 means 1111111(binary). So all 7 LEDs lighted up.

"Janken using 7seg LED"

This is the dice program.

10 LET[0],6,91,79,102,109,125 20 OUT[RND(6)]

This is the count down progrom.

10 LET[0],63,6,91,79,102,109,125,39,127,111 20 FOR I=9 TO 0 STEP -1:OUT[I]:WAIT60:NEXT

Let's make it!

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CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image