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Cutlery Card expantion for Kids IoT Hackathon

2017/02/18 23:55:00
#maker #KidsIT #sabae #IchigoJam #english 

Let's control a ¥400 servo motor (SG-90) by IchigoJam to help your mother!

And connect FaBo #103 → IN1, #109 → IN2, #101 → LED

There are Cutlery Card expantion for Kids IoT Hackathon (CutleryCard_ex1.pdf)

Hack with cards!

Make by paper!

Presentation it!

Automatic wash‐line polea rod

Memo to remember items to buy

Vacuum cleaner robo

Automatic dust box

Thank you for your great creations!

- こどもIoTハッカソン (Kids IoT Hackathon)

Failure teaches Success / PCB of Sabae bus for realtime open data was updated

2017/02/17 23:55:00
#maker #PCB #sabae #IchigoJam #english 

I got 11 pieces of PCBs for Sabae Bus from elecrow. (I ordered 29 Jan)

I found wiring misses all pattern of tact switches are wrong!
I had to cut each 2 legs of the tact switch to fix.

It works! This is a test program on IchigoJam.

10 FOR I=1 TO 6:OUT I,-1:NEXT:'switch to IN from OUT pin 20 ?BIN$(IN(),11) 30 WAIT 5 40 GOTO 20

I updated the PCB as version 2
"Bus Buttons by taisukef d3fc1ea69f75ebd6 - Upverter"
- added holes on four corners
- added silks on each switches
- added a LED for the slide switch
- fixed a PCB pattern of the tact switch
- fixed a PCB pattern of the slide switch

Failure teaches Success! Keep to create!

Have fun with a lot of electronic parts without soldering!

2017/02/16 23:55:00
#maker #IchigoJam #KidsIT #english 

IchigoJam has 7 output pins (using OUT1-6 & LED, maximum 11 pins when IN1-4 change to output).
This is the easiest demo using 7 LED parts without soldering.

It's very easy to connect the LED with female/male jumper wires.

Before warkshop prepare a pin socket connected all pins to extend GND.

Tape for safe.

I found the best way to connect the Photo Transistor with a mini jumper and resistor (10kΩ).
There goods are for KIDS IoT Hackathon!

IchigoJam meets GPS receiver 'u-blox NEO-7M'

2017/02/07 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #maker #english 

The GPS receiver provide location information to you.
"u-blox NEO-7M" is a small and inexpensive(¥1,350) GPS reciver.
IchigoJam can get its location information via UART (bps9600).

Raw GPS Reciver on IchigoJam

- test
type "BPS9600" on IchigoJam
connect 3 pins from GPS to IchigoJam: VCC-VCC, GND-GND, TXD-RXD
connect a wire as antenna to RF-IN

This is a program to show on LCD filter $GPRMC messages for auto booting.


Try make a device with GPS!

IchigoJam PC Connection Shield

2017/02/03 23:55:00
#maker #IchigoJam #english 

I got the PCBs I designed past day from elecrow.
Yeah! It's works!

IchigoJam can connect your PC by the USB serial(UART).
You can control from the serial terminal software on your PC and manipulate(upload/download) your file on your IchigoJam like the Arduino.

Parts to build PC connection shield for IchigoJam
- this PCB
- LCD (CH12864F-SPI ¥950)
- sounder (SFN-14-30V ¥50)
- USB-UART (U2UART2102-6PMCU ¥680)
- long pin sockets 14pin x 2 (PS254S-H8.5 ¥80)
* use a jumper from 5V of the shield to 5V of IchigoJam to use keyboard or some 5V devices.
* Use the beta firmware from IchigoJam-FAN to use LCD.

I updated a little.
DTR of USB-UART connects RESET of IchigoJam to control hardware reset on your PC.

"LCD shield for IchigoJam with SOUND&UART by taisukef 18f9367667da9422 - Upverter"

- New LCD Shield for IchigoJam mobile for KOSEN students

Sakura's IoT Platform beta on IchigoJam / Visiting to Nagano KOSEN

2017/01/26 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KOSEN #maker #english 

IchigoJam beta supported Sakura's IoT Platform beta! (さくらのIoT Platformβ)
You can make the IoT simply with IchigoJam BASIC.

It's a program to send a number when the button is pushed.

1 'SAKURA's IoT beta send test 100 A=0 110 @LOOP 120 IF BTN()=0 CONT 130 C=1:A=A+1:POKE#700,#20,10,C,73,A,A>>8,0,0,0,0,0,0:N=2:GSB@I2C 140 POKE#700,1,0:N=3:GSB@I2C:IF PEEK(#782)=128 POKE#700,#24,0:N=2:GSB@I2C 150 GOTO @LOOP 900 @I2C:'use M,C,I 910 M=PEEK(#701)+2 920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 930 IF I2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1) ERR 940 C=0:FOR I=0 TO N-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:?M;" ";:NEXT:? 950 IF C!=PEEK(#780+N) OR PEEK(#780)!=1 ERR 960 RTN

To connect Sakura's IoT Platform, prepare the break out board and a level shifter (PCA9306). *SDA(I2C)/SCL(I2C)/3.3V/GND/5V on IchigoJam T

You can access the Sakura's IoT Platform with simple command.


For example this code to check the power of radio waves.

I went to Nagano KOSEN. Great sky!

Nagano KOSEN students made prototypes with radio waves. They will become products by Sakura's IoT Platform!

Thank you! Stay creative!

Thank you Ito-san! links
- IchigoJam-FAN - you can dowload this beta version firmware
- IchigoJam
- Nagano KOSEN

Making your clock with temperature by IchigoJam x DS3231 without soldering

2017/01/24 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #maker #english 

This is a simple clock on IchigoJam using a real time clock (RTC) DS3231 module.
You can program the movement (display, servo, motor and so on) with alerms when you like!

How to build the Ichigo-Clock
1. Prepere: IchigoJam T (CN5 is I2C pins), DS3231 module, long pin socket
2. Unplug the pin and cut to remain 4 pins (to connect via I2C)

3. Twist and cross the 3 pin and 4pin (because SCK and SDA crossed)

4. Connect the module and the pin socket to CN5 of IchigoJam T.

5. Set the clock (if it's 2017/01/24 07:11:50)

POKE #700,0,#50,#11,#07,0,#24,#01,#17 IF I2CW(#68,#700,1,#701,7) ERR

* #50 = sec, #11 = min, #07 = hour, 0 = dummy, #24 = day, #01 = month, #17 = year

6. Program!

100 VIDEO3 200 @LOOP 210 GOSUB@GETTIME:GOSUB@GETTEMP 220 CLS:LC0,2 230 ?"20";DEC$([0],2);"/";DEC$([1],2);"/";DEC$([2],2) 240 ?" ";DEC$([4],2);":";DEC$([5],2);":";DEC$([6],2) 250 ?"TEMP:";T/10;".";T%10 260 WAIT 60:IF BTN() SWITCH 270 GOTO @LOOP 300 @GETTIME 310 POKE#700,0:IF I2CR(#68,#700,1,#701,7) ERR 320 FOR I=0 TO 6:[I]=PEEK(#707-I):[I]=[I]>>4*10+[I]&15:NEXT 330 RETURN 400 @GETTEMP 410 POKE#700,17:IF I2CR(#68,#700,1,#701,2) ERR 420 T=PEEK(#701)<<2|PEEK(#702)>>6:IF T&#200 T=T|#FC00 430 T=(T*25+5)/10:RETURN

VIDEO3 to enlearge the character on the screen.
300-330 get the time from the RTC module as array(0-6)
400-430 get the temperature from the module as T

This is mobile version! (using the beta firmware)

Young is Treasure! Fukui Software Competition 2016 and PCN Kids Procon prior investment

2017/01/23 23:55:00
#movie #KidsIT #maker #opendata #english 

Fukui Software Competition 2016 Winner's presentations at the FAS(Fukui Association of Information & system industery) new year event

"Disulus.VR" is a VR application to simulate for emergency.
You can escape virtually from the fire and the tsunami as a VR game. You can get the street view with the flood damage at any location using the opendata from Fukui prefecture.

"Tshurishien" is wearable application to support fishing for beginnerers. Shear the fish you fished!

"Automated Window"(自動の窓) controls your window by the weather or invaders using the net and a camera.

Demo of controlling the window.

They got awards of the past PCN Kids Procon also.

Today is 6th contest prior investment day too. It's very impressive! Thank you for participations. Let's encourege the young power!

- PCN Kids Procon
- Fukui Software Competition 2016

IchigoJam trying to connect Wii Nunchuck via I2C

2017/01/22 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #lpc1114 #maker #english 

I2C is good protocol to connect devices just 2 wires (except power and GND).
IchigoJam has commands I2CR and I2CW to access via I2C.
I try to change for the future version.

This is one of application to connect Wii Nunchuck, but I couldn't get value yet...

10 POKE#700,#40,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 20 IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#700,0) ERR 30 @LOOP 50 IF I2CW(#52,#701,1,#700,0) ERR 70 IF I2CR(#52,#700,0,#702,6) ERR 80 FOR I=0 TO 5:?PEEK(#702+I);" ";:NEXT:? 90 WAIT 30 100 GOTO @LOOP

I have a plan to be I2CR/I2CW command simply.
Try the beta version firmware on IchigoJam-FAN.

*I did it! It's works!

- “WiiChuck” Wii Nunchuck Adapter Available – todbot blog
- Wiiヌンチャクの動作確認しました: 猫にコ・ン・バ・ン・ワ

KIDS IoT Hackathon - How do you help your mom by the robot you create?

2017/01/14 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #maker #miyagi #english 

KIDS IoT Hackathon (こどもIoTハッカソン) produced 15 unique prototypes in Sendai city Miyagi prefecture.

Boys and girls from age 6 to 12 years made own robot using IchigoJam BASIC and FaBo rapid prototyping tool and Design Thinking.

Let's interview to get dissatisfactions to Mom or Dad!

Get the skill to create with hands on the programming lecture with making a game with FaBo.

Let's create!

It's making time of own product individually!

Kids can create so rapidly!
Presentation to all after just 1 hour!

Dissatisfaction: Daughter don't get up quickly
Solution Robot : Shaking bed to be got up!

Dissatisfaction: Son don't eat the meal
Solution Robot : Be delicious looking food machine through the camera

Dissatisfaction: Daughter don't clean up
Solution Robot : Present machine when cleaning up

Dissatisfaction: Lost things
Solution Robot : Alarm machine when not picking a thing

movie: presentations from kids by PCN Sendai

Finished! Thank you for joining this event!
I hope to stay creative!

- "IchigoJam first step, minigames, first step of IoT with FaBo, IchigoJam BASIC reference 1.2 (PDF)"

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