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How to promote OPENDATA, Ideas from Aichi Chita 5 cities and 5 towns

2017/01/30 23:55:00
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At opendata city Higashiura-town (愛知県東浦町), I talked about how to promote OPENDATA.

How to start OPENDATA as a data infrastructure:
1. start OPENDATA with just stamp the "CC BY" to become the opendata city! (to regist the list)
2. jump up to 5 star OPENDATA with odp free version
3. solve your town's problem with Code for Japan Corporate Fellowship and OPENDATA
4. create creators!

This is slide data on speakerdeck "How to Promote OPENDATA"

I introduced with some application using opendata and invited to the opendata world.

"人口が増えた県を当てよう" (Hit the prefecture incresing it's population)

"福井県統計オープンデータ使用、クイズ平均以上" (Greater than or Not QUIZ using FUKUI's statistics OPENDATA)

20min Fast Ideathon about our town. Thank you great ideas within short minutes!

東海市、市内に会社の違うバス、電車の駅がたくさん、接続うまくしたい→ノンストップバス&電車「NSBD CC BY」
* Chita Ideas CC BY Chita 5 cities 5 towns

Miyako's Misonikomi Udon at Higashiura town
"都やこ [愛知県知多郡東浦町大字緒川/うどん]の店舗情報 - Yahoo!ロコ"

My second home town Aichi prefecture has 13 opendata cities. (I updated today!)
"オープンデータ都市 / OPENDATA cities" / "オープンデータ都道府県 / OPENDATA prefs"

PCB for Bus Realtime Opendata the Number of Passengers System

2017/01/29 23:55:00
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I made a PCB data of Tsutsuji Bus new Opendata System by Code for Japan Corporate Fellowship.

The data on Upverter PCB a design tool on web

This is the circuit diagram
"Bus Buttons"

In April, Sabae city will start new bus timetables with 8 buses.

These are prototypes by data of Code for Japan Corporate Fellowship.
I'm looking forward to get PCBs!

Starting 'e-happy' project from Data City Sabae Bus Ideathon

2017/01/28 23:55:00
#sabae #js #opendata #codefor #english 

Code for Japan Corporate Fellowship in Sabae presented an event "Bus Ideathon".

How to increse Tsutsuji bus users?

3 teams started to discussion from probrems given by paticipants.

Bus design team presented Rakugo in the bus with mini a skit.

I like this idea! Foregin language and Japanese annouce about Sabae in the bus.
Sabae citizens will become strong for foregin people!
Try to make simple sentences about Sabae like this:
"What is a famous Sake in Sabae? It's Born."

People don't like complicated time table.
Providing simple time table to people by indivisual objectives.
If we make and design that from the bus time table opendata and share on web, it's very cute!

Our IT team presented "improve our bus life by e-happy".
"HAPPY" is local currency in Sabae. We can ride the Tsutsuji bus using HAPPY.
Our idea is changing HAPPY to the e-money and producing many mini game about the bus.
We discussed the best way to promote is the game's score sharing on Twitter.

series (じゅんにおす)」(src on GitHub)

In the beginning this is a sample game supports Twitter share!
Join us "e-happy Facebook group".

Young is Treasure! Fukui Software Competition 2016 and PCN Kids Procon prior investment

2017/01/23 23:55:00
#movie #KidsIT #maker #opendata #english 

Fukui Software Competition 2016 Winner's presentations at the FAS(Fukui Association of Information & system industery) new year event

"Disulus.VR" is a VR application to simulate for emergency.
You can escape virtually from the fire and the tsunami as a VR game. You can get the street view with the flood damage at any location using the opendata from Fukui prefecture.

"Tshurishien" is wearable application to support fishing for beginnerers. Shear the fish you fished!

"Automated Window"(自動の窓) controls your window by the weather or invaders using the net and a camera.

Demo of controlling the window.

They got awards of the past PCN Kids Procon also.

Today is 6th contest prior investment day too. It's very impressive! Thank you for participations. Let's encourege the young power!

- PCN Kids Procon
- Fukui Software Competition 2016

Promote the Japan's Open Data with 5 Star! Do you know the longest bridge your hometown?

2017/01/17 23:55:00
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Last month, prime minister Mr. Abe said "I promote the Open Data strongly with the new law about data".
(平成28年12月19日 未来投資会議 | 平成28年 | 総理の一日 | 総理大臣 | 首相官邸ホームページ)

In 2013, Japan government released "Japan Open Data Charter Action Plan" and updating our load map and strategy "The Strategic Headquarters for the Promotion of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society (IT Strategic Headquarters)".

I recommend to add the 5 Star Open Data as standardization on VLED meeting of Utilization and Promotion Committee. (docs)

This slide shows how to access 5 star bridge open data in SPARQL.

Consulting company "IPC" made a vocabulary of the bridge.
IPC is a group company of Pacific Consultants International Group.

SPARQL is very easy and web standard API to access 5 Star Open Data.
This query obtains the top 5 longest bridge.

select ?uri ?name ?len { ?uri <> <>. ?uri <> ?name. ?uri <> ?len. } order by desc(?len)

You can get though just copy & paste that code on the SPARQL console of odp.
Tannanbashi(丹南橋) bridge is the longest bridge (182.5m) in Sabae city.

"a list of 5 star bridge open data (sortable csvviewer)"
Also 5 star open data can easily convert to CSV, XML and JSON. This is table view of 5 star open data bridges.

"Bridge x Bus Map at Sabae"
This web app combine Bus realtime open data x Bridge 5 star open data.

This is a 91 old years bridge the oldest bridge in Sabae city!

Sabae city manages 423 bridges but this number is less than number of bridges in Sabae city.
I'm asking bridges managed by Fukui prefecture and Japan government.
5 Star Open Data can connect all of the infrastructure data around you!

Open Data and Robot Event in Kyoto on Feb. 4

2017/01/16 23:55:00
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"KYOTO OPEN DATA" is an open data portal site of Kyoto city. There is a map data of UNESCO World Heritage Site "Nijo castle" on this site! To begin with I rotated that by the web app.

"Rotating Nijo Castle SVG" SVG data converted by Illustrator from PDF on KYOTO OPEN DATA
I want to build the castle 3D virtually and enter with VR! (such this)

I met with people in charge of open data from Kyoto prefecture and Kyoto city.
Let's go Kyoto on February 4!
"オープンデータ・ロボット活用イベントin京都 - Impact Hub Kyoto"
(event to utilize the open data and robot in Kyoto)

Thank you for coming to Sabae city!

whereami - Using user's location on non secure web applications

2017/01/15 23:55:00
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We "team 198" updated our application for better your trip experience "CHIE TO BAA". You can use any location in Japan (using 5 star sight seeing opendata on odp). And we post to opendata contest "LOD challenge 2016"!

"CHIE TO BAA(ちーとばー)" - demo page here
This app recommends you near 4 good locations.
You can walk to there you want to go and get another 4 locations next.

If you want to use GPS location on your web application, all of the services are supported SSL completely. It's a little hard so I created a location proxy service "whereami". Just link to "" with your return URL after hash!

"whereami" - test1: posting to Google Maps without a link
"whereami" - test2: link to AKIJIKAN

Make the location opendata from open map apps in Japan

2017/01/10 23:55:00
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If you want to make detailed location (latitude and longitude) to publish as opendata, you must clear the license. You can't get that from Google Maps.

LatLngMap I created is one of methods to make that.
It's using " (地理院地図)" map service published from Japan as opendata.

"LatLngMap" shows latitude and longitude simply
How beautiful Azelea (Tsutsuji) flowers at Nishiyama park in Sabae city are!

You can fork and hack with JavaScript you like from GitHub.
"Information Access Division, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan"

- OpenStreetMap (Japan)
- 東京大学空間情報科学研究センターの CSV アドレスマッチングサービス
- 地図による小地域分析(jSTATMAP) - 国土交通省 GIS ホームページ 位置参照情報ダウンロードサービス
- 国土交通省データを使ったプログラムで使えるジオコーディング


2016/12/28 23:55:00
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バス停を探す odp 5つ星オープンデータバージョン

ソースコードは、Code for Fukui の GitHub にあります!


結構違う日本の一人あたり地方税、RESAS APIハンズオン JavaScript 実装サンプル in 石巻RESASハッカソン

2016/12/27 23:55:00
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ちょうど、内閣府 地方創生推進室が手がける地域経済分析システム、RESAS API を使ったハッカソンイベント開催中!




触発され、RESAS APIをJavaScript使った作品を作ってみました。


RESAS APIを使うためには、API KEYの取得が必要です。 → RESAS-API 提供情報
CC BYのソースはCode for Fukui on GitHubにあるので、forkなどなんでもご自由に!

RESASアプリコンテスト | RESAS-APIで変わるミライがある









この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image