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posture glass app on neoplug connected glasses and gadgets / Wearable Expo 2017

2017/01/18 23:55:00
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"neoplug" is shown on Wearable Expo 2017. (In 2016 neoplug released as the mockup)
This year that connected many real wearable devices!

neoplug added glasses the detachable function. It's easy and firm.

neoplug as a platform to connect any devices you want to glasses you like.

Telepathy x neoplug, F.T.K x neoplug

BLINCAM x neoplug, WESTUNITIS x neoplug, VUFINE x neoplug

It's also supported 2nd detachable function for heavy device. It's Sabae!

This app "posture" show you your posture for VUFINE x neoplug.

other wearables ...

b.g. by megane SUPER


There is Fukui-pref Pavilion!

The programmable glasses by Arudiono

The weapon and wearable controller to attack bad animals by Shimano, Fukui KOSEN and Fukui University of Technology.
It'll be better with neoplug!

- neoplug now on the crowdfunding!
- Wearable Expo 2017.1.18-20 10:00-18:00(17:00 on 20)

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