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Let's improve the Kids IT Skills for Innovation!

2017/03/02 23:55:00
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It's a big problem that Japanese kids have poor IT skills.
Average of typing speed is just 5.9 Japanese characters per minutes.

(at elementary school / 第9章 コンピュータ使用型調査でわかったこと).

This is an application to measure that speed. 5.9 is too slow score!!

"Typing Mext / タイピングけいそく" (my score is 160)

I introduced our activity programming for all kids to Mr. Hirotaka ISHIHARA State Minister of Cabinet Office, Goverment of Japan.

Thank you to invite me!
Let's improve our Japanese kids IT skills for "True Innovation"!

This is a type training program for IchigoJam.

10 CLS:FOR I=1 TO 32*10:?CHR$(RND(26)+65);:NEXT:CLT:S=0 20 IF INKEY()<>PEEK(#900+S) IF TICK()>60*60 LC0,11:?S:END ELSE CONT 30 POKE#900+S,0:S=S+1:GOTO 20

My score is 164. How about you?

Kids love computers so they will improve rapidly if they have a chance to touch the computer.

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