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Let's draw graffiti with freepad! / Graphic Recording Seminar for Kids in Hana Dojo

2017/04/04 23:55:00
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Graphics Recording Seminar for Kids in Hana Dojo!

Today's teacher is Ms. Tanoue (田上有紗さん).
She graphic-recorded on the event of Kyoto Open Data. "Graphic Recording (グラフィックレコーディング、グラレコ@ja)" is a tool to report with drawn images in real time.

Kids ware trying to draw themselves and present each other!

Programming teacher Mr. Ashida drew this lecture.
We got a little but strong technic to draw pictures to communicate.
Thank you Tanoue-san!

I updated an app to draw graffiti tool "freepad".
You can undo on your smartphone or PC.

Enjoy drawing with relax!

- グラレコ講座開催!!: Hana道場


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