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台湾台北オープンデータを使った公園大きさランキング、最大39ha、最小7坪 / Largest Park in Taipei Taiwan by Open Data

2017/05/12 23:55:00
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You can use 778 parks open data in Taipei Taiwan. I made the park ranking application using it.

"台北の公園、大きさランキング - Largest Parks in Taipei"
You can see its location on the "Park Map App" to touch the item on the list.

台北で一番大きな公園「生態公園」の大きさが397,288m2(39ha = 12万坪)。鯖江の西山公園が56haなのでなかなか大きな公園です。逆に一番小さな公園は7坪の緑地!かわいいですねっ。データがあればあるほど比較が楽しくなりそうです。
The area of the largest park in Taipei is 397,288m2. It's closed to the largest park in Sabae city, Nishiyama Park has 560,000m2. The smallest has just has 25m2. Various data will change it more fun!

- Open Data Alliance between Taiwan and Japan

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