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鯖江産パソコン「IchigoJam」 meets 仮面女子@めがねフェス2017、Chromeに対応したWebAssembly版! - Made in Sabae PC, IchigoJam x KamenJoshi at MeganeFes and WebAssembly version on Chrome

2017/06/11 23:55:00
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There are 2 young engneers at Ichigo-Glass booth.

展示デモプログラムはPCN鯖江エンジニアMASAHARU作の「ネオジム磁石 - MASAHARUの魂のプログラム」 - Demo "Neodymium magnet - MASAHARU's Program" by PCN Sabae engneer MASAHARU

PCN鯖江、新商品開発中。 Under developping by PCN Sabae.

ついに歩いた、カニロボ! Crab Robot Walks!

テスト中のPCN鯖江オリジナル基板。 Original PCB by Kids of PCN Sabae.

未来のエンジニア育成、IchigoJamはんだづけ体験するこども。 Future engneer!? Kid tries to solder IchigoJam.

自分で作ったパソコンが動いた! It's works!

"IchigoJam web by WebAssembly"
IchigoJamが気になっている方へ、PC/Macなどのブラウザでお試しできるIchigoJam WebAssembly版Chromeにも対応しました!ポイントは、JavaScriptのWorkerスレッドで動作させることでした。
IchigoJam WebAssembly version works on Chrome also! The problem solved by JavaScript Worker.

動いた記念の「めがねくだりゲーム」 Glass Rafting Game!

10 CLS:X=15 20 LC X,5:?"V" 30 LC RND(29),23:?"O-O" 35 WAIT 5 36 X=X-BTN(28)+BTN(29) 37 IF SCR(X,5) 40 GOTO20

めがねのまちさばえ大使となった仮面女子。 KamenJoshi inaugurated Ambassador of Glass City Sabae.

鯖江市とコラボする、最強の地下アイドル「仮面女子」と。Ichigoメガネブースにて。 with KamenJoshi at our Ichigo-Glass booth.

めがねフェス、いい天気! MeganeFes with good weather!

京都、三重、金沢、仙台、福井、集まったPCNクラブ! PCN club's members!

- めがねフェス / MeganeFes
- 仮面女子 / KamenJoshi
- IchigoJam

PCN Nairobi! Let's start to learn Swahili language with numbers on IchigoJam

2017/06/02 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #PCN #Africa 

We discussed about PCN Nairobi in Fukui. PCNナイロビミーティング!
PCN's mission is "Programming for all kids!" of course, Africa also!

We had lunch at a Fukui's Soba and Katsu-don restaurant "Maru-Hachi".

IchigoJam debuted on NHK World in Kiswahili with a hunter lives in Fukui! IchigoJam、福井在住のイノシシ猟師さんと共にNHKワールド、スワヒリ語版でデビュー
"- Ukumbi wa Jumapili - Radio - NHK WORLD - Swahili"

"MEM-NUM SWAHILI" スワヒリ語で数字おぼえ
Let's learn numbers in Swahili! I modified from the Vietnamesse edition. Swahili only use 24 types of alphabets.

Let's type and modified you want!

1 'MEM-NUM SWAHILI 10 LET[0],"sifuri","moja","mbili","tatu","nne","tano","sita","saba","nane","tisa" 15 CLS:?"REMEMBER!":FOR I=0 TO 9:?I,STR$([I]):NEXT:?"HIT ANY KEY" 16 IF !INKEY() CONT 20 S=0:W=30 30 N=RND(10):Y=1:IF S>H H=S 40 CLS:LC 10,Y:?STR$([N]) 45 LC 6,0:?"SCORE:";S;" HISCORE:";H 46 LC 10,19:?"======" 50 K=INKEY() 60 IF K=ASC("0")+N S=S+1:W=W-1:GOTO30 62 WAIT W 65 IF K<>0 OR Y=18 LC 10,20:?"ANSWER:";N:WAIT60:RUN 70 Y=Y+1:GOTO40

- Connect kids all over the world! Kobe x Africa x Fukui / schematic of IchigoJam
- Let's innovate by Your Home Brew Computer with African kids!
- BASIC with Open Data at Contest of IoT
- PCN勝山クラブ成果発表会 ゲームのライブコーディング、クリスマスイルミ、三次関数、ハノイからイノシシまで!

The First Embedded Programming for All 2nd Grade Kids at the Ebara 6th Middle School in Tokyo

2017/03/06 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #PCN #doc #english 

PCN taught the programming as the first programming class for all 3 classes 2nd grade kids at Ebara 6th middle school (品川区立荏原第六中学校@ja)! The link the school and us comes from we met the vice-principal Makino-san at the past event about Mongol KOSEN.

Programming is Thinking then Typing. Let's start thinking with Cetlery Cards. And just type short commands to work your computer!

SAVE0 to save your program and turn off the IchigoJam.
Let's pull out the TV line and Keyboard line after finishing your original LED blink pattern!

Let's turn on with pressing the button on the IchigoJam.

You made it! This device you programmed works! (This called "Embedded Programming"!)

PCN want every kids to know society with computers and programming.

- Programming Text (1st and 2nd)
- 無いものは作っちゃおう、小中学8年生にIchigoJamプログラミング、アプリを作れる81歳のクリエイ... - about yrm

Let's improve the Kids IT Skills for Innovation!

2017/03/02 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #PCN #english 

It's a big problem that Japanese kids have poor IT skills.
Average of typing speed is just 5.9 Japanese characters per minutes.

(at elementary school / 第9章 コンピュータ使用型調査でわかったこと).

This is an application to measure that speed. 5.9 is too slow score!!

"Typing Mext / タイピングけいそく" (my score is 160)

I introduced our activity programming for all kids to Mr. Hirotaka ISHIHARA State Minister of Cabinet Office, Goverment of Japan. (内閣府副大臣、石原宏高さん@ja)

Thank you to invite me!
Let's improve our Japanese kids IT skills for "True Innovation"!

This is a type training program for IchigoJam.

10 CLS:FOR I=1 TO 32*10:?CHR$(RND(26)+65);:NEXT:CLT:S=0 20 IF INKEY()<>PEEK(#900+S) IF TICK()>60*60 LC0,11:?S:END ELSE CONT 30 POKE#900+S,0:S=S+1:GOTO 20

My score is 164. How about you?

Kids love computers so they will improve rapidly if they have a chance to touch the computer.

Let's innovate by Your Home Brew Computer with African kids!

2017/02/13 23:55:00
#KidsIT #PCN #kobe #africa #IchigoJam #english 

I met again Afirican friends! (last year at Kobe)
PCN presented an event to make own PC & programming at KIC (Kobe Institute of Computing).

Starting with "Make Your PC with IchigoJam at KIC" by Hara of PCN.

We are ict4e, NATURAL STYLE,, ithink, SAKURA Internet, applil!

Soldering to make own PC, IchigoJam

You made it!

Next step is programming!

Do you know the computer? Let's enjoy programming!

Line up the cards...

And flip to translate!

Cutlery Card System in English version! (you can download the pdf file)

This is my full presentation with game creation extra session!
Enjoy computing!!

Programming Club Network (PCN) will be more global from Kobe with PCN member of Osaka, Mie and Fukui!

Let's Connect Kids by Programming / PCN KIDS Procon 2016 Winter & PCN Summit 2017

2017/02/12 23:55:00
#KidsIT #PCN #osaka #IchigoJam #english 

Thank you for a lot of paticipations to the Awards ceremony of PCN KIDS Procon 2016 Winter!
We're happy to see making relations among in kids engneers.

They were exchanging them physical address. And they called each other see you next PROCON!

PCN KIDS Procon 2016 Winter is our 6th programming contest by PCN (Programming Club Network).

Programming time with Kids Robot paprika!

Kids played kids programs! (by Scratch, Wii U, IchigoJam, Viscuit, HSP)

Traffic Signal device & program & document by 8 age! (by IchigoJam)

The game machine to repair friendship. If you want to play to hold him/her hand! (by IchigoJam)

Piggy bank with TSUN-DERE faces you by your attitude for savings. (by IchigoJam)

Video: Introducing works nominated.

Video: Examination.

Video: Awards! Congratulations all kids!

Before of the celemony event, We hold our PCN Summit 2017!
This time event was hosted by PCN Osaka.

Title & Slide shutter is programmed by IchigoJam.

10 T=5:WAIT60:LED1 20 PWM2,120 30 IF BTN()=0 CONT 40 LED0 50 PWM2,120 60 WAIT (60*T-10)*60 70 PWM2,140 80 WAIT 60*10 90 PWM2,220 100 IF BTN()=0 CONT 110 GOTO 10

1. preparing a servo (PWM with Servo)
2. typing the servor & a card with hand of the servor on the projector
3. push the button to start your presentation
4. shut your presentation physically after 5 minutes by servo
5. GOTO 3

Programming for all kids!
See you next time!

- PCN KIDS Programming Contest

PCN Summit 2017 pre, Robot making at KYORITSU Craft Space in Osaka

2017/02/11 23:55:00
#KidsIT #js #PCN #osaka #IchigoJam #english 

PCN at Osaka!

Here is KYORITSU Craft Space (共立ものづくり工作室).

Touch & try the IchigoJam!

Find our signs.

It's difficult to design links of robot with legs.

Electric Parts Vending Machine in front of the Kyoritsu shop!

It's time to start to learn the links.

"LinkSim 1" - just beginning... Welcome to KYORITSU Craft Space (共立ものづくり工作室).

PCN Summit 2017 pre!

Mr. BASIC Magizine Ohashi-san said become simpler! So I did.

Next, PCN Summit & PCN KIDS Programming Contest in Osaka!

Computer & Programming Workshop for Elementary School Teacher with KOSEN students at Iwaki

2017/02/05 23:55:00
#KidsIT #IchigoJam #fukushima #PCN #sendai #english 

IchigoJam workshop for elementary school teachers with PCN Sendai & NEWESTAR021!
They tried soldering to build a computer, programmed a game, manipulated a robot arm, networked computers!

Greeting from Dr. Takayama professor of Iwaki Meisei University.

Let's try by Mr. Araki leader of PCN Sendai.


Manipulate a servo motor and a LED! (see: IchigoJam print)

First networking computers (see: IchigoJam print)

It was big success!! Thank you "NEWESTAR021" students of Fukushima KOSEN!

I added an IchigoJam print "NINE PUZZLE" and updated "VISUAL KUKU" for the math of the elementary school.



Sweet fishes at Iwaki!

Sabae IT tour from Hyogo Tamba city / PCN Tamba will start!

2017/02/02 23:55:00
#PCN #sabae #js #english 

Welcome to Sabae from Tamba city, Hyogo prefecture! (兵庫県丹波市@ja)

I introduced OPENDATA & KidsIT with IchigoJam and discussed about it at headquarter of in Megane-Kaikan.

I recommended an application using OPENDATA, AKIJIKAN developed at Muroran Hackathon
I updated to support images on not secure sites using SSL image cache service on odp.

IchigoJam attracted a lot of interest! And PCN Tamba has decided to start!

We have an OPENDATA event also this weekend in Kyoto!
"オープンデータ・ロボット活用イベントin京都 - Impact Hub Kyoto"


2016/11/06 23:55:00
#KidsIT #PCN #USA #IchigoJam 

4日目もロサンゼルス、トーランス。進化するママさんによるグローバルなコミュニティ、MamaBA(Mama of Beautiful Advance)。 MBA(経営学修士)にも負けてません! 東京、関西、中部、アメリカ、ハワイ、マレーシア、インドネシア、オーストラリア、カナダ、シンガポール、マレーシア、世界に広がる日本のママ力、すごい!!

今回のPCNカリフォルニアツアーのきっかけは、日本のMamaBAのBoard、中筋さんからMamaBA Americaの代表、モントゴメリー結美さんをご紹介でした。


IchigoJamで、はじめてのはんだづけ、最初は慣れなかった手つきもコツを掴めてきた様子。 慌てず疲れたらちょっと休憩しつつマイペースでOK。マイコンピューターを組み立てていきます。

Heat → Melt → Get off (はんだ) → Leave (コテ)



ピザとpaprika遊びで休憩したら、第二部、ロボットづくりの基本。動かすパーツ、モーター。今回は関節などで使われるサーボを使ってみましょう。 色を確認してIchigoJamにつないで、キーボードから PWM2,50、エンター、動いた!?

動きの改造の仕方をマスターしたら、好きなもの創ってみるハッカソンタイム。カラフルな紙とハサミとペンで工作を始めるとどんどんイメージ膨らみます。 FaBoを使って、いろんなセンサーをつなげたり、MixJuiceやさくらのIoT Platformのようにネットに接続もできますよ。


参加してくれた子のママさんの感想!(撮影・インタビュー:MamaBA America 結美さん)


- PCN World Tour Day4 at MamaBA in L.A. - about yrm

- 移動編 IchigoJam mobileで捗る機内プログラミング!初ロス初UBER
- 1日目 Let's make a Game! My first programming device - IchigoJam event in Silicon Valley!
- 2日目 PCNシリコンバレー設立!Tech Meseum, TechShop, B-Bridge
- 3日目 PCN at Los Angeles! ロボット人気はすごい!
- 4日目 ロスの小学3年生親子、はじめてのはんだづけ&コーディング&サーボでつくるIoTハッカソン(mini)
- 土産編 ボードゲーム電子回路迷路と数字メモアプリ「numemo」

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