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IchigoJam on NHK World - Swahili / NHKスワヒリ語に登場、IchigoJamとルワンダ活動伝えるたんなんFM通信

2017/12/16 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #africa 

PCN members met weth NHK World Swahili in Tokyo NHK!
We introduced tiny computer IchigoJam and our activities in Rwanda and other countries.

How to listen the IchigoJam radio show.

"LIVE" on NHK World - Swahili
17 Dec 12:30-13:00(JST), 5:30-6:00(in Rwanda)

PC or Radio Japan(ラジオ日本) App in Kiswahili(スワヒリ語)(iOS and Android)
After 17 Dec 13:00(JST) 6:00(in Rwanda), until 24 Dec.

"PCN Kids Programming Contest" waits kids programs from all overs world!
Encourage your kids in your countries!
Including IchigoJam BASIC, any computer languages are OK!

I wrote an article for the free paper of "Tannan-FM", my home town Sabae city local FM radio broadcasting.

"Rwandan kids so excited with IchigoJam programming school! (PDF)"

- Connect kids all over the world! Kobe x Africa x Fukui / schematic of IchigoJam
- Let's innovate by Your Home Brew Computer with African kids!
- Improve innovations with kids programming at Rwanda!
- Programming for Rwandan kids! Open Teaching Materials
- IchigoJam workshop at Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専) in Rwanda Africa
- English and Programing will become the tool to connect kids all over the world! / ルワンダ記、英語とプログラミングがつなぐ世界
- Number Game on IchigoJam print / ゲームづくりは最高の学び、ルワンダ語の数編
- Rwanda 360 degrees VR tour

VR/AR/MRにいい感じな iPhone X! InstaVRでルワンダVRミニツアーコンテンツ作成

2017/11/04 23:55:00
#vr #africa 


VR tour to Rwanda on InstaVR」スマホVR対応!






久々のメジャーバージョンアップな、iPhone X、画面が大きくなって横長になったのでVR/MR向き!

iPhone X を980円 VRヘッドセットにセットした様子。

こちらは、iPhone 7(写真の撮り方がまずくて違いがわかりづらい!)

Anskp 3Dメガネ vr iphone5/6/7 plus 4-6インチのスマホ対応 vr ゴーグル レンズ距離を調整可能 Bluetoothリモコン付き (ホワイト)
iPhone 7 も X もOK、視差調整、距離調整しやすく、視力0.1の裸眼で鮮明に見えるよう調整できました!


・iPhone X レビュー(iPhone 7との比較)
Face ID認証後のスワイプを省略したい(Face ID認証は高速で良い)
ちょっと重い、ちょっと大きい(カバー付きのiPhone 7くらい)

Number Game on IchigoJam print / ゲームづくりは最高の学び、ルワンダ語の数編

2017/10/22 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #africa 

Making game is the best way to learn! (ゲームづくりは最高の学び!)
Let's learn programming, English and "Kinyarwanda" the language of Rwanda with fun!

This is number game with Rwandan language, Kinyarwanda version.

IchigoJam print "Number Quiz" (PDF).

I bought books for language learner on the road in Kigali Rwanda.

English and Kinyarwanda basics including numbers is written on this book!

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) on the money of Rwanda!
Great country!!

- 紙幣に表されるルワンダの想い、アフリカのこども達にも届けようPCN IchigoJamプログラミング! – about yrm

ルワンダ記、英語とプログラミングがつなぐ世界 / English and Programing will become the tool to connect kids all over the world!

2017/10/20 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #js #africa #doc 

Thank you Rwanda! It was great jorney. ルワンダに感謝!スゴい旅でした。
I saw how to develop the country and the future. ルワンダに国と未来の作り方を見ました。
I decided to share this experiance to Japanese kids! この経験を日本の子達に伝えます!

Japan embassy in Rwanda. It was my first experience to enter to the Japan embassy.
Thank you Miyashita-san! We've got 15th!
"Japanese IT Entrepreneurs visit Rwanda (October 16, 2017) : Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Rwanda"
"日本のIT企業家等のルワンダ訪問(2017年10月16日,18日) : 在ルワンダ日本国大使館"

KidsVenture workshop for adults at FABLAB and kLAB Rwanda!
"Programming for Rwandan kids! Open Teaching Materials"

A student of Tumba Collage of Technology, paticipated our IchigoJam workshop!
"IchigoJam workshop at Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専)"

We went to exciting electric parts shop in Kigali!

Like a Akihabara shop!

Many tempareture sensors and relays figured Rwandan interest to agricultures.

Thank you great heartful and young staffs!

Everyone we met in Rwanda interested in computer and programming.
We decided to make materials to teach both English and Programming!

At the first, I translated IchigoJam print "LED" into English. (PDF)

This Rwanda last meal was at Japanda! (Japan + Rwanda !?)
It was a nice Donburi!

Thank you Kasai-san, great organizer of this jorney!
"嫁に人生を狂わされた会計士のアフリカ見聞録" (ルワンダお寿司の記事、必見w)

IchigoJam workshop at Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専) in Rwanda Africa

2017/10/19 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #africa #movie #doc 

We went to Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専@ja) from Rwand Kigali!

We were glad to meet you with good faces!

The movie of way to Tumba KOSEN and Tea Factory.
About 1.5 hours from Kigali city.

3 members of PCN graduated from Fukui National Collage of Technology (FUKUI KOSEN / 福井高専@ja).
Here is Tumba Collage of Technology (Tumba KOSEN / トゥンバ高専@ja).
We're same school colleague! 高専仲間!

What a great place! Good nature and winds!

Raymond-san was orgnized this event! Thank you for this very excited chance!

Hara introduced today!

Let's build! (today's slide material using IchigoJam)

They have already mastered the soldering iron!

I introduce the first step of programming and how to make a game.
Thank you for enjoying!

Matta introduced tempeX, IchigoJam extension module!

They said they want to share and teach how to programming to kids!

Let's enjoy programming! Let's enjoy create something!

I made a new material, IchigoJam print "CHAT" (pdf)
Let's connect two IchigoJam!

It's a just beginning! Let's collaborate Rwanda and Japan!

I ate the Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華@ja) last night at Kigali.

Thank you ASIAN KITCHEN for the first and the last night also!
JavaScriptとIchigoJam BASICで実装する、uuencode!エチオピア・ブルンジ経由、ルワンダ入り」 DAY 0

- There are also Kosen-sei in Tumba College of Technology Rwanda. Let’s start PCN Tumba! – about yrm

Programming for Rwandan kids! Open Teaching Materials

2017/10/18 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #js #africa #opendata 

IchigoJam workshop in FABLAB Rwanda at Kigari!

Thank you kids! It was very excited! You're IchigoJam evangelist.

This slide is Open Programming Learning (Teaching) Materials with IchigoJam.

Check the IchigoJam prints(日本語版) also!
We support on the Facebook group IchigoJam-FAN@en (日本語版).

Same on the earth!

We presented IchigoJam 4 sets to FABLAB Rwanda!

Thank you FABLAB and kLAB!

- Kids are same anywhere! PCN’s first IchigoJam Africa classroom held in Kigali Rwanda! – about yrm

Improve innovations with kids programming at Rwanda!

2017/10/17 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #js #africa 

Africa IT Tour, Rwanda Day 3!

Kigali Convention Centre with colorful illuminations

babyl improving helthcares in Rwanda from UK.
SMS is still important because smart phone users in Rwanda are under 10%.
He can read my T-shirt BASIC program!

Rwandan mobile phone infrastructure company TRES is focusing softwares and youth!

Not sweet Banana, like a potato!

With Chief Strategist ICT Sector Development at RDB (Rwanda Development Board!
He said "world-class professional talent for innovation" in Rwanda!
Let's expand a range and connect Rwandan and Japanese kids!

With Rwanda Speciality Coffee producer BUFCOFFEE
Solve the problems about agriculture with IoT and kids!

In front of WiredIn, software development service company related Japan!
WiredIn's co-founder Mr. Tanaka is born at Sabae-city, my home town!

Rwanda-Japan Night!

with Good Curry!

BananaCrepe with colored LEDs!

I showed up my room at hotel with colored LEDs!

How to show up with colored LED.
1. get the WS2812B LED tape.

2. solder just 3wires to colored LED.
3. program it on IchigoJam!

1 'WS2812B looping driver 10 POKE#700,66,70,75,70,252,180,64,24,80,33,9,2,1,49,9,4,4,120,160,70,69,120,172,70,1,48,129,70,114,182,128,37,1,48,3,120,255,34,74,96 20 POKE#728,3,39,10,38,43,66,1,208,10,39,3,38,1,63,253,209,0,34,74,96,1,62,253,209,109,8,239,209,1,60,234,209,68,70,72,70,98,70,1,58 30 POKE#750,148,70,228,209,98,182,252,188,144,70,153,70,112,71 100 L=48:POKE#800,L*3,300/L:I=0:V=7:S=60 120 FORJ=0TOL 130 H=I+J*360/L:GSB@HSV2RGB:POKE#802+J*3,G,R,B 140 NEXT 150 U=USR(#700,#800) 160 COPY#802+L*3-3,#802,3:COPY#802,#805,L*3-3 165 WAIT3 170 GOTO 150 500 @HSV2RGB 'use CDEF 505 R=V:G=V:B=V:IF S=0 RTN 510 D=H/60%6:C=V-(59-H%60)*V/60*S/100:E=V-H%60*V/60*S/100:F=V*(100-S)/100 520 IF D=0 G=C:B=F 530 IF D=1 R=E:B=F 540 IF D=2 R=F:B=C 550 IF D=3 R=F:G=E 560 IF D=4 R=C:G=F 570 IF D=5 G=F:B=E 580 RTN

source code of WS2812B looping driver in ARM Cortex-M0 Assembly language.

'POKE[ad],[data len],[loop count],[GRB data ...] @WS2812BLOOP R2=R8 R3=R9 PUSH {R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7} R0=R0+R1 R1=#50 'R1=#50010000 GPIO1 R1=R1<<8 R1+=1 R1=R1<<16 R4=[R0] R8=R4 R5=[R0+1] R12=R5 R0+=1 R9=R0 CPSID @LOOP_DATA R5=#80 R0+=1 R3=[R0] @LOOP_BIT R2=#FF [R1+`0001]L=R2 R7=3 R6=10 R3&R5 IF 0 GOTO @SKIP R7=10 R6=3 @SKIP R7-=1 IF !0 GOTO -1 R2=0 [R1+`0001]L=R2 R6-=1 IF !0 GOTO -1 R5=R5>>1 IF !0 GOTO @LOOP_BIT R4-=1 IF !0 GOTO @LOOP_DATA R4=R8 R0=R9 R2=R12 R2-=1 R12=R2 IF !0 GOTO @LOOP_DATA CPSIE POP {R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7} R8=R2 R9=R3 RET

Have a fun with the computer and programming!

オープンデータで見るルワンダ / Look Rwanda through Open Data

2017/10/16 23:55:00
#opendata #js #africa 

I made a Rwanda Web App using Rwanda Open Data in JavaScript.

ルワンダの年齢別人口 - Rwanda Open Data App


ルワンダのオープンデータ「RWANDA Data Portal」から、必要なデータを選び、


アフリカITツアー、二日目 / Africa IT Tour day 2

lunch meeting with DMM.HeHe
DMMが「最強IT集団」をルワンダで育てる意味 | インターネット | 東洋経済オンライン | 経済ニュースの新基準

アフリカでAmazon的に各地展開が進むJUMIAグループで、食事デリバリーを行う JUMIA FOOD RWANDA
The food delivery service for Rwanda!

福井からのお土産、五月ヶ瀬をお届け! Satsukigase as OMIYAGE!

コワーキングスペース、ハードウェアな FabLab Rwanda と、ソフトウェアな kLab がお隣同士!
It's good locations, FabLab for hardwares and kLab for softwares are connected.

They were interested in IchigoJam as tool to learn programming for kids. On Wed we'll hold the event on KLAB!

JavaScriptとIchigoJam BASICで実装する、uuencode!エチオピア・ブルンジ経由、ルワンダ入り

2017/10/15 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #js #africa 









IchigoJamでマイコン開発プロジェクトに必須なuuencodeをIchigoJam BASICで実装。

uuencode on Web (JavaScript)


var x = s2.charCodeAt(i); var y = s2.charCodeAt(i + 1); var z = s2.charCodeAt(i + 2); res.push(uuenc(x >> 2)); res.push(uuenc(((x & 3) << 4) + (y >> 4))); res.push(uuenc(((y & 15) << 2) + (z >> 6))); res.push(uuenc(s2.charCodeAt(i + 2) & 0x3f)); var uuenc = function(c) { return c == 0 ? "`" : String.fromCharCode(0x20 + c); };

IchigoJam BASICでuuencode(抜粋)

30 X=PEEK(S+P):Y=PEEK(S+P+1):Z=PEEK(S+P+2) 40 C=X>>2:GSB100 50 C=X&3<<4+Y>>4:GSB100 60 C=Y&15<<2+Z>>6:GSB100 70 C=Z&#3F:GSB100 100 IFC=0?"`";:RTN:ELSE?CHR$(#20+C);:RTN


Let's innovate by Your Home Brew Computer with African kids!

2017/02/13 23:55:00
#KidsIT #PCN #kobe #africa #IchigoJam #english 

I met again Afirican friends! (last year at Kobe)
PCN presented an event to make own PC & programming at KIC (Kobe Institute of Computing).

Starting with "Make Your PC with IchigoJam at KIC" by Hara of PCN.

We are ict4e, NATURAL STYLE,, ithink, SAKURA Internet, applil!

Soldering to make own PC, IchigoJam

You made it!

Next step is programming!

Do you know the computer? Let's enjoy programming!

Line up the cards...

And flip to translate!

Cutlery Card System in English version! (you can download the pdf file)

This is my full presentation with game creation extra session!
Enjoy computing!!

Programming Club Network (PCN) will be more global from Kobe with PCN member of Osaka, Mie and Fukui!

この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image