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Kosen students will be Kids Programming Mentor!? Cutlery Card version up!

2017/04/25 23:55:00
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To share the programming skill for all of the Kids, PCN started trials at Fukui Kosen.
I updated the first step of IchigoJam with Cutlery Card.

"Cutlery Field" to put some cards.
(download here "CutleryCard_firststep1-front-ja-rev3.pdf")

I added "IF BTN()" and "GOTO1" to learn 'loop' and 'judge' in computer.

They are 44 candidates of Kids Programming Mentor! (2nd grade of EI, Fukui Kosen)

They built own IchigoJam computers!
It's just beginning! Let's enjoy computing with both hardwares and softwares!

- こどもプログラミング教材 Jammy! Programming.KIDS - 日鉄日立システムエンジニアリング株式会社 (original version)
- Let's Compile Your Hand! Real Card Programming for Kids

Yuge KOSEN got the best prize at NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2017 day 1

2017/03/07 23:55:00
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Students and KOSEN is my hope!
I love them who can create their own products.
Your products helps you to communicate someone lives somewhere want to help you.

Yuge KOSEN team "Knee's Needs"(弓削商船高専@ja) got the best prize at the Entrepreneur's Koshien (起業家甲子園@ja)!
I'm so happy that I've supported as a mentor of ICT Mentor Platform.
(And I got the best mentor prize!!)

I reported at this event about Silicon Valley Boot Camp.

Japanese have to conquest 3 superstitions
1. Know Japan's great tech history
2. Know Japan's great potential
3. Know Japan's mistranslation of innovation

Thank you great camp program! Masumoto-san I met at Sabae!
(Masumoto-san want to make a bridge from local areas in Japan to Silicon Valley)

Congratulations all!

Stay creative!

- NICTのイベント|平成28年度|起業家甲子園 ・ 起業家万博 - 総務省・NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days|起業家甲子園 ・ 起業家万博 - 総務省・NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days|起業家甲子園|開催報告|NICT 情報通信ベンチャー支援センター

The First Embedded Programming for All 2nd Grade Kids at the Ebara 6th Middle School in Tokyo

2017/03/06 23:55:00
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PCN taught the programming as the first programming class for all 3 classes 2nd grade kids at Ebara 6th middle school (品川区立荏原第六中学校@ja)! The link the school and us comes from we met the vice-principal Makino-san at the past event about Mongol KOSEN.

Programming is Thinking then Typing. Let's start thinking with Cetlery Cards. And just type short commands to work your computer!

SAVE0 to save your program and turn off the IchigoJam.
Let's pull out the TV line and Keyboard line after finishing your original LED blink pattern!

Let's turn on with pressing the button on the IchigoJam.

You made it! This device you programmed works! (This called "Embedded Programming"!)

PCN want every kids to know society with computers and programming.

- Programming Text (1st and 2nd)
- 無いものは作っちゃおう、小中学8年生にIchigoJamプログラミング、アプリを作れる81歳のクリエイ... - about yrm

PCN Hiroshima & PCN Ikuchishima started! Let's share the fun of creating with computers!

2017/02/26 23:55:00
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The first programming for kids event was held in Hiroshima prefecture!
This time I tought as 2 caliculums, a first step and making a game.

First the first step of programming with Cutlery Cards.
Progamming = Thinking + Communicating to the computer
Cutlery Cards can separate that!

Thinking the program controls a LED by the 1st grade of the elementary school (age about 6).

Talking and teaching each other within the team with Cultlery Cards!

Second how to make a game "Rafting Game" on IchigoJam.
Kids can experience to make game with short steps.

Demo of a little extended shooting game likes SPACE INVADERS on IchigoJam

Thank you kids in Hiroshima!

PCN Hiroshima (PCN広島) started!

PCN Ikuchishima (PCN生口島) started also!
Ikuchishima is a island of Hiroshima prefecture at Seto Inland Sea.
High school students teach kids live their island!

This event hold at "" great place!

Fatal mistranslation / What's the Innovation at Stanford

2017/02/23 23:55:00
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What do you imagine from the word "Innovation"?
If you imagine the "technology", you have to change your mind immediately.

In 1958 Japanese mistranslated the word "Innovation" to "技術革新". (see also)

Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno introduced us differences between Sony and Apple.
This is a lecture of NICT boot camp programs.

Focus the human needs not new techlonogies

Akiko is the wife of Jerry Yang, Yahoo founder. They donated $75 million in 2007.

Stanford University focuses Innovations

- 「イノベーション」は「技術革新」にあらず:誤解で劣化した“稼ぐ力” 小島明のGlobal Watch 日本経済研究センター
- Fumiaki Ikeno's Profile | Stanford Profiles
- Alumni couple Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!, and Akiko Yamazaki pledge $75 million to alma mater | Stanford News Release
- NICTのイベント|平成28年度|起業家甲子園 ・ 起業家万博 - 総務省・NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days|シリコンバレー起業家育成プログラム|NICT起業家甲子園・起業家万博「シリコンバレー起業家育成プログラム」|募集案内|NICT 情報通信ベンチャー支援センター

The new first step of Programming with Cutlery Card / PCN Silicon Valley event

2017/02/21 23:55:00
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The presentation with Cutlery Card for IchigoJam first step of programming.

First of all, they try first soldering and assembling them computer!

And programming wih Cutlery Cards.

Thank you great Kids in Silicon Valley!

PCN Silicon Valley members! See you next time!

Cutlery Card for everywhere! Released in Kinyarwanda and Arabic version

2017/02/20 19:05:00
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PCN's mission is "Programming for All Kids".

Cutlery Card System the new method of IchigoJam programming first step starts internationalization! To begin with Rwanda and Arabic country!

Cutlery Card as first step IchigoJam in Kinyarwanda (Thanks Mr. D.Dieudonne!)
Cutlery Card as first step IchigoJam in Arabic
Cutlery Card as first step IchigoJam in English
Cutlery Card as first step IchigoJam in Japanese

This system is under Creative Commons BY license.
(by Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc. / download page)

Let's start programming with cards!

Let's Compile Your Hand! Real Card Programming for Kids

2017/02/10 23:55:00
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IchigoJam BASIC is the simplest text programming languages.


"LED" is a command to light up the LED on your IchigoJam.


If you want to light up the LED during 1 second, just series commands.
Q: How do you program to light up the LED twice?

Try think with the real cards as visual (physical?) programming!

There 10 cards are the cutlery card first step edition.
I modified from Jammy Cutlery Card by Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc (CC BY).

Series the cards...

Flip to complie! (translation from human to computer language is called "compile")

10 LED1 20 WAIT60 30 LED0 40 WAIT180 50 LED1 60 WAIT60 70 LED0

Just type with the line numbers beside to work your IchigoJam!

Try it now!
"CutleryCard_firststep-en.pdf" (Japanese/日本語版)
Cards for 10 copies MEISHI card paper (on Amazon)
Print with actual scale (uncheck the "Auto Scale" and type 100% as the scale ratio)
CC BY Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering (modified by

How to promote OPENDATA, Ideas from Aichi Chita 5 cities and 5 towns

2017/01/30 23:55:00
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At opendata city Higashiura-town (愛知県東浦町), I talked about how to promote OPENDATA.

How to start OPENDATA as a data infrastructure:
1. start OPENDATA with just stamp the "CC BY" to become the opendata city! (to regist the list)
2. jump up to 5 star OPENDATA with odp free version
3. solve your town's problem with Code for Japan Corporate Fellowship and OPENDATA
4. create creators!

This is slide data on speakerdeck "How to Promote OPENDATA"

I introduced with some application using opendata and invited to the opendata world.

"人口が増えた県を当てよう" (Hit the prefecture incresing it's population)

"福井県統計オープンデータ使用、クイズ平均以上" (Greater than or Not QUIZ using FUKUI's statistics OPENDATA)

20min Fast Ideathon about our town. Thank you great ideas within short minutes!

東海市、市内に会社の違うバス、電車の駅がたくさん、接続うまくしたい→ノンストップバス&電車「NSBD CC BY」
* Chita Ideas CC BY Chita 5 cities 5 towns

Miyako's Misonikomi Udon at Higashiura town
"都やこ [愛知県知多郡東浦町大字緒川/うどん]の店舗情報 - Yahoo!ロコ"

My second home town Aichi prefecture has 13 opendata cities. (I updated today!)
"オープンデータ都市 / OPENDATA cities" / "オープンデータ都道府県 / OPENDATA prefs"

Promote the Japan's Open Data with 5 Star! Do you know the longest bridge your hometown?

2017/01/17 23:55:00
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Last month, prime minister Mr. Abe said "I promote the Open Data strongly with the new law about data".
(平成28年12月19日 未来投資会議 | 平成28年 | 総理の一日 | 総理大臣 | 首相官邸ホームページ)

In 2013, Japan government released "Japan Open Data Charter Action Plan" and updating our load map and strategy "The Strategic Headquarters for the Promotion of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society (IT Strategic Headquarters)".

I recommend to add the 5 Star Open Data as standardization on VLED meeting of Utilization and Promotion Committee. (docs)

This slide shows how to access 5 star bridge open data in SPARQL.

Consulting company "IPC" made a vocabulary of the bridge.
IPC is a group company of Pacific Consultants International Group.

SPARQL is very easy and web standard API to access 5 Star Open Data.
This query obtains the top 5 longest bridge.

select ?uri ?name ?len { ?uri <> <>. ?uri <> ?name. ?uri <> ?len. } order by desc(?len)

You can get though just copy & paste that code on the SPARQL console of odp.
Tannanbashi(丹南橋) bridge is the longest bridge (182.5m) in Sabae city.

"a list of 5 star bridge open data (sortable csvviewer)"
Also 5 star open data can easily convert to CSV, XML and JSON. This is table view of 5 star open data bridges.

"Bridge x Bus Map at Sabae"
This web app combine Bus realtime open data x Bridge 5 star open data.

This is a 91 old years bridge the oldest bridge in Sabae city!

Sabae city manages 423 bridges but this number is less than number of bridges in Sabae city.
I'm asking bridges managed by Fukui prefecture and Japan government.
5 Star Open Data can connect all of the infrastructure data around you!

この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image