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GACHA simulation / IchigoJam print

2017/03/24 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #game #english 

Past day kids create games outside.
Now kids just play games created by adults on mobile game machines.

Let's share to kids that creating games is more fun than playing games.

This IchigoJam print introduce the backside of collection games "GACHA".

"ガチャシミュレーション - IchigoJam print" on GitHub

Enjoy creating!

Binary Room Puzzle Game on IchigoJam - Akihabara Moku-Moku-Meeting Report

2017/03/18 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #game #english 

Thank you for participating to Moku-Moku-Meeting at PCN Akihabara Assemblage!

Junior high school girls made the IchigoJam kit!

Let's discovery the programming world!

The first step with CutleryCard! You did it!

The first try to move the servo motor!

8 age kid try the first soldering!

Try to modify Family Computer by Nintendo!

Today's staffs.

This is a puzzle game "Binary Room" result of MokuMoku on my brain.
I like the game "Binary Land" puzzle game 2 game character controlled by 1 player.
Interpose by charaters A and B to get the numbers in ascending order.
Use the cusor key (A is normal movement, B is millor movement).

1 'BINARY ROOM 10 S=1 15 CLS:LC4,0:?"STAGE:";S 20 FOR I=0 TO 15 30 LC8+I,2:?"#":LC8+I,17:?"#" 50 LC8,2+I:?"#":LC23,2+I:?"#" 70 NEXT 80 SRNDS:FOR I=1 TO S*3 90 X=RND(12)+10:Y=RND(12)+4:IF SCR(X,Y) CONT 100 LCX,Y:IF I%3 ?"#" ELSE ?I/3 110 NEXT 120 X=15:Y=16:V=16:W=16:C=1:CLT 125 K=INKEY() 130 A=-(K=28)+(K=29):B=-(K=30)+(K=31) 140 IF SCR(X+A,Y+B)=0 LCX,Y:?CHR$(0):X=X+A:Y=Y+B 150 IF SCR(V-A,W+B)=0 LCV,W:?CHR$(0):V=V-A:W=W+B 160 LCX,Y:?"A":LCV,W:?"B" 165 LC(X+V)/2,(Y+W)/2:IF SCR()-48=C IF Y=W AND ABS(X-V)=2 OR X=V AND ABS(Y-W)=2 ?CHR$(0);:C=C+1:IF C=S+1 LC4,20:?"CLEAR!":WAIT30:IF S=9 END ELSE S=S+1:GOTO 15 170 LC16,0:?"TIME:";TICK()/60:WAIT3:GOTO 125

See you next Moku-Moku-Meeting!

OPENDATA Card Game / Start 5-star OPENDATA in Kyoto!

2017/02/04 23:55:00
#game #opendata #kyoto #english 

Kyoto prefecture and Kyoto city had an OPENDATA & ROBOT event!
"オープンデータ・ロボット活用イベントin京都 - Impact Hub Kyoto"

My roll was facilitator of the OPENDATA Ideathon with about 50 people.
This weapon is "OPENDATA Cards"!
Each card is written a name of dataset of Kyoto in the front.
And there are URL and QR code to access from the smartphone in the back.

OPENDATA Card Game (for 2-8 players)
1. Write 3 problem cards each.
2. Shuffle the cards and flip to back
3. Draw a OPENDATA card each
4. Call if you came up with an idea to solve your problem by some OPENDATA card (+3 point)
5. Another player can add a idea of function by their OPENDATA card (+1 point!)
6. Repeat to the step 3 until a player gone all of the problem cards
7. Discuss the best idea on the table

Ideathon with Cards!

Kyoto Impact Hub, it's nice place!

Where is your bus "君のバスは。"
Bus is important in Kyoto also. I want to link the Bus IoT at Sabae.

Treasure Hunter "お宝ハンター"
Social making 3D Opendata, looks very fun!

Great Kyoto lunch!

Thank you Kyoto! It was so excited!

Grareco (graphic recording) of my presentation!

For developers, see "5-star OPENDATA Kyoto sample web application"
"Find Facility" and "SPARQL Knocker"
Be semantic!

- 京都でオープンデータ・ロボット活用イベント 府と市が共催、司会は「Pepper」 /京都 (みんなの経済新聞ネットワーク) - Yahoo!ニュース

Presentation Shield & simple 3x3 puzzle for IchigoJam

2017/01/31 23:55:00
#game #KidsIT #IchigoJam #sabae #english 

I showed presentation about programs of the club of Sabae Junior Highschool (鯖江中学校).
It's very fun! Thank you!!

One of presentations. I understood students like to combine games!

I made a presentaiton shield for IchigoJam for quick preparations.

It was made by IchigoJam parts without CPU and long pin socket.

I was asked a question to make puzzle.

So I made a sample 3x3 puzzle.

10 CLS:FOR I=0 TO 7:LC I%3,I/3:?I+1:NEXT 20 X=2:Y=2:FOR I=1 TO 200:K=RND(4)+28:GOSUB 60:NEXT:CLT 30 LC X,Y:?"*" 40 F=0:FOR I=0 TO 7:F=F+(SCR(I%3,I/3)=I+49):NEXT:IF F=8 LC0,4:?"CLEAR! TIME:";TICK()/60;"s":PLAY"O5E16E":END 50 K=INKEY():GOSUB 60:GOTO 30 60 LC X,Y 70 X=X-(K=28)*(X>0)+(K=29)*(X<2):Y=Y-(K=30)*(Y>0)+(K=31)*(Y<2) 80 ?CHR$(SCR(X,Y)):RETURN

Let's try!

IchigoJam beta supported Wii Nunchuck via I2C

2017/01/25 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #game #english 

I love Wii Remocon & Wii Nunchuck! It's great usability!
At last IchigoJam supports Wii Nunchuck via I2C pins.

This is a sample program.
Let's make games, robots and tools using Wii Nunchuck!

100 GSB @NCINIT 110 @LOOP 120 GSB @NCGET 130 ?DEC$(X,3),DEC$(Y,3),Z,DEC$(A,4),DEC$(B,4),DEC$(C,4) 140 GOTO @LOOP 400 @NCINIT 410 POKE#700,#F0,#55:IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#700,0) ERR 420 POKE#700,#40,0:IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#701,0) ERR 430 RTN 500 @NCGET 510 IF I2CW(#52,#701,1,#701,0) ERR 520 IF I2CR(#52,#701,0,#702,6) ERR 530 X=PEEK(#702):Y=PEEK(#703):Z=PEEK(#707)&3 540 A=PEEK(#704)<<2+Z>>2&3 550 B=PEEK(#705)<<2+Z>>4&3 560 C=PEEK(#706)<<2+Z>>6&3 570 RTN

3 accelerometers are 10bit.
But if it's enough just 8bit, it becomes simpler.

100 GSB @NCINIT 110 @LOOP 120 GSB @NCGET 130 ?DEC$(X,3),DEC$(Y,3),Z,DEC$(A,4),DEC$(B,4),DEC$(C,4) 140 GOTO @LOOP 400 @NCINIT 410 POKE#700,#F0,#55:IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#700,0) ERR 420 POKE#700,#40,0:IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#701,0) ERR 430 RTN 500 @NCGET 510 IF I2CW(#52,#701,1,#701,0) ERR 520 IF I2CR(#52,#701,0,#702,6) ERR 530 X=PEEK(#702):Y=PEEK(#703):Z=PEEK(#707)&3 540 A=PEEK(#704):B=PEEK(#705):C=PEEK(#706) 550 RTN

Wii Nunchuck has 2 versions. If yours doesn't work, try this patch

510 POKE#700,#FB,#00:IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#700,0) ERR

I use the adapter to connect IchigoJam and Wii Nunchuck.

Or connect directly without any adapters!?
"Wii拡張コネクタ - ネットワーク管理者の憂鬱な日常"

- IchigoJam-FAN - you can dowload this beta version firmware
- Wii Nunchuk Interface
- IchigoJam 30min programming, live coding on FANLIVE

2017/01/20 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #game #movie #english 

This era everyone can get the power to broadcast everywhere!
I started that on FANLIVE a broadcasting service by our company "".
My theme is "30min programming". 30 minutes is a time slot of FANLIVE.
I response as program from viewer's request.

First "jump game" as a request, and a rice ball was selected as the enemy, so we decided to make a diet game.

This program is today's result.

Collaborative creation on live is very fun!


5 Player's Party Game in SMILE BASIC on Wii U

2017/01/04 23:55:00
#game #english #wiiu 

One of my dream came true!
I wanted to create fun in the party with game I created.
The dreamy tool is "SMILE BASIC on Wii U (プチコンBIG)"
5 players control them character by WiiRemote(Wiiリモコン) the best game control device!
SMILE BASIC on Wii U provide to access to 1 GamePad and 4 WiiRemote very easily.

KAWAKUDARI-MP (Multi player version Rafting game KAWAKUDARI from IchigoJam)
The program in SMILE BASIC is so simple!
KAWAKUDARI - Pubic Key: X33N3R4 (To Download Open Source)

Let's play in the party!

If you get a new idea, you can program there in right now!

BOMBMATCH - Pubic Key: K23343ZJ (To Download Open Source)

Let's create funs by programming!

はじまりはゲーム、ソフトウェアビジネスとDANMAKUオープンデータ - 木更津高専見学旅行 at めがね会館

2016/11/08 23:55:00
#kosen #jig #game #js 




前半グループで紹介した2012年の一日一創ゲームから「danmaku」をフルスクリーンで遊べるように手直しして、GitHubにおきました。 fork歓迎、改造歓迎、高専祭で使っても、販売しても、何してもOKなオープンデータ。



クロスワードパズルさくせいスキルをみにつけた!PCNこどもプロコン2016夏ワークショップより「かなひろい」 on IchigoJam

2016/10/29 23:55:00
#IchigoJam #KidsIT #game 



ひらがなが1もじずつ書いてあるサイコロ状のブロックを6つ使って、2文字の食べ物単語を3つつくるチャレンジ! なかなか難しくておもしろい!できたら、3文字で2つ。最後は何でもいいから6文字単語をつくってみよう!



1 'KANA HIROI 10 N=6:CLS 20 FOR I=1 TO N 30 FOR J=1 TO 4 40 LC I*4,J*2 50 ?CHR$(177+RND(45)) 60 NEXT 70 NEXT 80 X=0:Y=1:L=0:C=0 90 K=INKEY() 100 X=X-(K=28)*(X&>0)+(K=29)*(X<0)+(K=31)*(Y<4) 120 A=3+X*4:B=Y*2 130 LC A,B:?CHR$(225):WAIT8:LC A,B:?" " 140 IF K=32 LC L+4,C+12:?CHR$(SCR(A+1,B)):L=L+1 150 IF K=8 AND L>0 L=L-1:LC L+4,C+12:?" " 160 IF K=10 C=C+2:L=0 170 GOTO 90





2016/10/26 23:55:00
#js #game 

Unicode絵文字にプログラマや歌手など11職種が追加、性別も指定可能に。既存33字も性別選択に対応 - Engadget Japanese


じゅんにおす」(src on GitHub)

プログラムは、HTML Canvasを使ったJavaScript。

function 二次元配列を作れ() { var 配列 = []; for (var i = 0; i < 盤高; i++){ 配列[i] =[]; for (var j = 0; j < 盤幅; j++){ 配列[i][j] = 0; } } return 配列; }

「じゅんにおす」プログラム on GitHub(抜粋)

Unicode絵文字アプリコレクション by Kinoshita
- さめがめ
- まいんすいーぱー
- せいざきごうをえらぶ
- じゃんけんにまける
- じゅんにおす
- はやいくるまをつかまえる
- しんけいすいじゃく
- らいつあうと
- じゅうにしほうい
- ちーずへのねずみをえらぶ
- ミックスジュースシミュレーター
- たこ焼き器
- ヘディング

この作品は「Creative Commons — CC BY 4.0」の下に提供されています。
CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image