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台湾台北オープンデータを使った公園大きさランキング、最大39ha、最小7坪 / Largest Park in Taipei Taiwan by Open Data

2017/05/12 23:55:00
#opendata #taiwan #js #VLED 

You can use 778 parks open data in Taipei Taiwan. I made the park ranking application using it.

"台北の公園、大きさランキング - Largest Parks in Taipei"
You can see its location on the "Park Map App" to touch the item on the list.

台北で一番大きな公園「生態公園」の大きさが397,288m2(39ha = 12万坪)。鯖江の西山公園が56haなのでなかなか大きな公園です。逆に一番小さな公園は7坪の緑地!かわいいですねっ。データがあればあるほど比較が楽しくなりそうです。
The area of the largest park in Taipei is 397,288m2. It's closed to the largest park in Sabae city, Nishiyama Park has 560,000m2. The smallest has just has 25m2. Various data will change it more fun!

- Open Data Alliance between Taiwan and Japan

データとアプリでつながる台湾と日本 Asia Open Data Hackathon 2017 に向けて連携! / Taiwan and Japan Open Data Alliance

2017/05/11 23:55:00
#opendata #taiwan #js #VLED 

コンテストやハッカソンなど、オープンデータによる台湾(Open Data Alliance of Taiwan)と日本(官民オープンデータ推進組織VLED)による連携を約束する、MOUが締結されました!
MOU between ODA and VLED to relate open data competition and hackathon was concluded.

オープンデータ世界一の台湾、更なる推進のためアジア連携を進めています(Open Data Index より)
Taiwan is the most promoted city about open data in the world. And Taiwan is spreadding relations mainly Asia.

In the begenning I created a map application using parks and AEDs open data.


台北市内、778の画像つき公園データ(JSON)と、1462のAEDデータ(Big5 台湾エンコードのCSV) This app uses 778 parks JSON data and 1462 CSV (Big5 local encoded CSV) data.

About 5-star open data (LOD / Linked RDF) Taiwan is just begeninng so Japan is exceeding a little. (see also, odp, 5-star opendata SPARQL Endpoints in Japan

"オープンデータ鯖江市つつじバスモニター / Sabae Tsutsuji Bus Monitor with opendata"
The latest demo about public transportaiton (Bus Montior at Sabae / Fukui)

"" ¥61/month fee 4G network devices are making this real-time opendata.

I want to make IoT for Taiwan!

It's a big chance to make new future Japan and Taiwan.

Let's enjoy open data hacking!

Thank you a lot for presentations about Taiwan Open Data.

MOU between Taiwan ODA and Japan VLED.

- Taipei Park Ranking App
- オープンデータで日台協力へ 双方の関連組織が覚書締結/台湾 (中央社フォーカス台湾) - Yahoo!ニュース
- オープンデータで日台協力へ 双方の関連組織が覚書締結/台湾 | 経済 | 中央社フォーカス台湾

7seg LED simulator for IchigoJam web by WebAssembly x HTML

2017/04/20 23:55:00
#js #IchigoJam #web #english 

IchigoJam web updated to simulate 7-segment LED.

IchigoJam web by WebAssembly *7seg on right top!
IchigoJam web connects a 7-seg LED on HTML through shared memory on WebAssembly.

"LED(7seg) by PCN Kanazawa / LED(7セグ) by PCN金沢@ja"
7-segment LED is one of very popular electronics parts to build devices.

You can control the 7seg LED very easy.


"OUT1,1" to light up a top of LED. OUT1-7 connects each LEDs.


127 means 1111111(binary). So all 7 LEDs lighted up.

"Janken using 7seg LED"

This is the dice program.

10 LET[0],6,91,79,102,109,125 20 OUT[RND(6)]

This is the count down progrom.

10 LET[0],63,6,91,79,102,109,125,39,127,111 20 FOR I=9 TO 0 STEP -1:OUT[I]:WAIT60:NEXT

Let's make it!

Write in C language! The fast web with WebAssembly

2017/04/14 23:55:00
#js #web #english 

Chrome and Firefox support WebAssembly to make fast application on the web!
You can write your web application in C language also!
This is simple demo using shared memory on both JavaScript and WebAssembly.

"WebAssembly test" (src on GitHub)

To set up WebAssembly to your Mac (taking 2 hours and 20GB storage space!!)

1. binaryen (compiler for WebAssembly)

cd *** git clone cd binaryen cmake . && make

*** : your bin path
2. wabt (assembler for WebAssembly)

git clone --recursive cd wabt make cd ..

3. LLVM (takes long time and big storage space!)

git clone cd llvm/tools git clone cd ../projects git clone cd ../.. mkdir llvmtmp cd llvmtmp cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local -DLLVM_EXPERIMENTAL_TARGETS_TO_BUILD=WebAssembly ../llvm make -j 8 sudo make install

4. edit PATH (.profile etc...)

export PATH=***/wabt/out/clang/Debug/:***/binaryen/bin/:$PATH

5. done! Let's make web an app in C!

#define SIZE 10 int mem[SIZE]; int* getMemory() { return mem; } int getMemorySize() { return SIZE; } int calc() { int sum = 0; for (int i = 0; i < SIZE; i++) { sum += mem[i]; } return sum; }

"WebAssembly test on GitHub"

Real Time Graph of Bus Passengers using Sabae Open Data

2017/04/13 23:55:00
#opendata #js #sabae #english 

I made a graph app from the open data of Tsutsuji-Bus at Sabae city.

Bus Graph / つつじバス乗客数グラフ@ja
(based on つつじバスなう)

- Count of Bus Passengers Real Time Open Data in Sabae
- Deploy to the Bus, "Bus Passengers Realtime Opendata System" will start at Sabae!
- Smart Bus with Corporate Fellowship of Code for Japan in Smart City Sabae

Count of Bus Passengers Real Time Open Data in Sabae

2017/04/12 23:55:00
#opendata #js #sabae #english 

Have you ever wondered whether the bus is crowded or not?
Sabae city started "Count of Bus Passengers Real Time Open Data System".

This is the simple monitor application to look that!

"Tsutsuji-Bus now / つつじバスなう@ja"
see JSON Open Data! links
- Real Time Graph of Bus Passengers using Sabae Open Data
- Deploy to the Bus, "Bus Passengers Realtime Opendata System" will start at Sabae!
- Smart Bus with Corporate Fellowship of Code for Japan in Smart City Sabae

Hack the City of Shinjuku with LOD by SPARQL!

2017/04/06 23:55:00
#opendata #js #english 

39 cities have opened them data with LOD (5 star opendata). (*finddata, datalist)
There are 4 types of LOD at Shinjuku-ku, public facilities, public wifis, emergency facilities and culural properties. (公共施設、公衆無線LAN、避難所、文化財@ja)
I updated open source application "AKIJIKAN" to mix cultural properties (URI =

AKIJIKAN at Shinjuku DEMO.
Let's find hidden historical place in Big City Shinjuku with AKIJIKAN!

The local councilor at Shinjuku Mr. Yohei Ito made a web application using public WiFi 5-star open data by SPARQL!

"Shinjuku Free WIFIマップ作成。オープンデータ入門は、SPARQLでLinked RDFを操作 | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平"

Shinjuku is a wonderful place cause this city has a councilor who can program web app and talk in SPARQL!

- AKIJIKAN (src on GitHub)
- Shinjuku Free WIFIマップ作成。オープンデータ入門は、SPARQLでLinked RDFを操作 | 新宿区議会議員最年少の伊藤陽平

Educational Applications for iPad

2017/04/05 23:55:00
#KidsIT #js #english 

Kids love computers. It spreads them world.

This is a list of educational applications I've made for iPad.

edu apps by

The latest "kanaroma" is the application to learn Roma-ji. Roma-ji is a standard typing Japanese method on the computer. (* different from the smartphone, the flick input method is standard instead in Japan)

You can write Japanese on your IchigoJam with it!

- 小学校で分数は教えるな
- 分数がわかるアプリ
- 勉強とゲームは一緒
- こどもIT体験会

Let's draw graffiti with freepad! / Graphic Recording Seminar for Kids in Hana Dojo

2017/04/04 23:55:00
#hanadojo #js #english 

Graphics Recording Seminar for Kids in Hana Dojo!

Today's teacher is Ms. Tanoue (田上有紗さん).
She graphic-recorded on the event of Kyoto Open Data. "Graphic Recording (グラフィックレコーディング、グラレコ@ja)" is a tool to report with drawn images in real time.

Kids ware trying to draw themselves and present each other!

Programming teacher Mr. Ashida drew this lecture.
We got a little but strong technic to draw pictures to communicate.
Thank you Tanoue-san!

I updated an app to draw graffiti tool "freepad".
You can undo on your smartphone or PC.

Enjoy drawing with relax!

- グラレコ講座開催!!: Hana道場


ANIKI RUN / Open Data with Open Source improves Open Innovations!

2017/03/05 23:55:00
#IODD2017 #opendata #js #english 

The last committee of the open source application contest using Public Cloud as the open data platform by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (公共クラウドシステム@ja). 5 finalists from 3 areas presented them application and AKIJIKAN was selected the 1st! All of the applications are opened on GitHub means you can remake and publish everythings you like!

"ANIKIRUN" src on GitHub
This simple game uses some illustrations from ANIKI team (src on GitHub)! Fork it!

5 min presentation each

This team included 1 min short drama

Congratulations all!!

The power of open source applications with open data will be big this year!
Let's innovate!

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CC BY 福野泰介 - Taisuke Fukuno / @taisukef / high-res profile image