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OPENDATA Card Game / Start 5-star OPENDATA in Kyoto!

2017/02/04 23:55:00
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Kyoto prefecture and Kyoto city had an OPENDATA & ROBOT event!
"オープンデータ・ロボット活用イベントin京都 - Impact Hub Kyoto"

My roll was facilitator of the OPENDATA Ideathon with about 50 people.
This weapon is "OPENDATA Cards"!
Each card is written a name of dataset of Kyoto in the front.
And there are URL and QR code to access from the smartphone in the back.

OPENDATA Card Game (for 2-8 players)
1. Write 3 problem cards each.
2. Shuffle the cards and flip to back
3. Draw a OPENDATA card each
4. Call if you came up with an idea to solve your problem by some OPENDATA card (+3 point)
5. Another player can add a idea of function by their OPENDATA card (+1 point!)
6. Repeat to the step 3 until a player gone all of the problem cards
7. Discuss the best idea on the table

Ideathon with Cards!

Kyoto Impact Hub, it's nice place!

Where is your bus "君のバスは。"
Bus is important in Kyoto also. I want to link the Bus IoT at Sabae.

Treasure Hunter "お宝ハンター"
Social making 3D Opendata, looks very fun!

Great Kyoto lunch!

Thank you Kyoto! It was so excited!

Grareco (graphic recording) of my presentation!

For developers, see "5-star OPENDATA Kyoto sample web application"
"Find Facility" and "SPARQL Knocker"
Be semantic!

- 京都でオープンデータ・ロボット活用イベント 府と市が共催、司会は「Pepper」 /京都 (みんなの経済新聞ネットワーク) - Yahoo!ニュース

Open Data and Robot Event in Kyoto on Feb. 4

2017/01/16 23:55:00
#kyoto #opendata #js #english 

"KYOTO OPEN DATA" is an open data portal site of Kyoto city. There is a map data of UNESCO World Heritage Site "Nijo castle" on this site! To begin with I rotated that by the web app.

"Rotating Nijo Castle SVG" SVG data converted by Illustrator from PDF on KYOTO OPEN DATA
I want to build the castle 3D virtually and enter with VR! (such this)

I met with people in charge of open data from Kyoto prefecture and Kyoto city.
Let's go Kyoto on February 4!
"オープンデータ・ロボット活用イベントin京都 - Impact Hub Kyoto"
(event to utilize the open data and robot in Kyoto)

Thank you for coming to Sabae city!

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