I am invited to the event "BIG Raspberry JAM Tokyo 2016" by Raspberry Pi users group.

with Mr. Eben Upton(@EbenUpton), inventor of Raspberry Pi!

Eben's first program on IchigoJam BASIC during just few minutes!

10 FOR I=1 TO 1000 20 LED1 21 IF BTN() X="FOO" ELSE X="BAR" 30 WAIT10 40 LED0 50 WAIT10 51 PRINT STR$(X) 60 NEXT

I showed him "Age Detector IoT by IchigoJam"

This is my talk at the event.
IchigoJam x Raspberry Pi = ?:
Practice and challenges on programming education for kids with BASIC

I updated IchigoJam for Raspberry Pi. The special character can be used on Raspberry Pi also!

With small and smart inexpensive computers,
Let's create and connect kids can program all over the world and connect together!

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