I made IchigoJam ap for Windows! (for Mac yesterday)

You can push the window of IchigoJam ap to emulate IchigoJam's BTN on Windows 10.

building and testing on Donki's Windows 10 machine
"¥19,800 Donki PC, Matta's report!"

IchigoJam ap:
- not supported I/O, I2C, VIDEO, USR and so on...
- change background by LED
- mouse down / up for BTN()
- save / load as ichigojam-file-xxxx.bin
- copy / paste on prompt window
- SLEEP command to terminate this app
- RESET command to reset IchigoJam
- replacing the letter uppercase and lowercase when using the keyboard

You can download beta version of "IchigoJm ap" on IchigoJam-FAN

- Kid's PC IchigoJam - first programmable computer ($15)

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