I updated PCB of IchigoJam mobile using web based PCB design service "Upverter".

"LCD shield for IchigoJam with SOUND&UART by taisukef 18f9367667da9422 - Upverter"
Added SOUNDER pins to be enable the sound!
Added a serial port to connect PC/Mac for advanced. (U2UART2102-6PMCU)
supported LCD: FSTN LCD module - CH12864F-SPI
* I ordered now, so I've not checked this PCB yet.

You can switch to LCD or NTSC TV mode by SWITCH command. (on ver 1.2 beta)

If you can't get CH12864F-SPI, CH12864F-L5B5 can be switched to SPI.
remove 2 x 0Ω resistor(R1,R4)
put 7 x 0Ω resistor or jumper (R2,R8,R9,R10,R11,R12,R13)

a switched and a old LCD shield for IchigoJam (I checked)

I hope to use at KOSEN and university students and spread funs of creating hardwares to kids!
(Programming Club Network (PCN) hold a contest for kids "PCN ProCon", I supported)

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