I2C is good protocol to connect devices just 2 wires (except power and GND).
IchigoJam has commands I2CR and I2CW to access via I2C.
I try to change for the future version.

This is one of application to connect Wii Nunchuck, but I couldn't get value yet...

10 POKE#700,#40,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 20 IF I2CW(#52,#700,2,#700,0) ERR 30 @LOOP 50 IF I2CW(#52,#701,1,#700,0) ERR 70 IF I2CR(#52,#700,0,#702,6) ERR 80 FOR I=0 TO 5:?PEEK(#702+I);" ";:NEXT:? 90 WAIT 30 100 GOTO @LOOP

I have a plan to be I2CR/I2CW command simply.
Try the beta version firmware on IchigoJam-FAN.

*I did it! It's works!

- “WiiChuck” Wii Nunchuck Adapter Available – todbot blog
- Wiiヌンチャクの動作確認しました: 猫にコ・ン・バ・ン・ワ

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