It's a big problem that Japanese kids have poor IT skills.
Average of typing speed is just 5.9 Japanese characters per minutes.

(at elementary school / 第9章 コンピュータ使用型調査でわかったこと).

This is an application to measure that speed. 5.9 is too slow score!!

"Typing Mext / タイピングけいそく" (my score is 160)

I introduced our activity programming for all kids to Mr. Hirotaka ISHIHARA State Minister of Cabinet Office, Goverment of Japan. (内閣府副大臣、石原宏高さん@ja)

Thank you to invite me!
Let's improve our Japanese kids IT skills for "True Innovation"!

This is a type training program for IchigoJam.

10 CLS:FOR I=1 TO 32*10:?CHR$(RND(26)+65);:NEXT:CLT:S=0 20 IF INKEY()<>PEEK(#900+S) IF TICK()>60*60 LC0,11:?S:END ELSE CONT 30 POKE#900+S,0:S=S+1:GOTO 20

My score is 164. How about you?

Kids love computers so they will improve rapidly if they have a chance to touch the computer.

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