VLED is a organization to promote Open Data and Big Data.
This runs by governments and companies in Japan (KDDI, DENTSU, IBM Japan, NEC, NTT, Microsoft Japan, Hitachi, Fujitsu, MRI and so on).
I am a member of VLED, also a judge of this commendations.

VLED (and past org.) commendate excellent activities about open data every year since 2012.

I made a list of activities commendated on clean Excel file. (not 神Excel@ja)

"VLED Winner / VLED勝手表彰 受賞者一覧" on Google Docs (you can access by API also)
License: CC BY VLED

Try next year! Join us as a sponsor!

- Awards - VLED FY2015
- Awards - Open Data Promotion Consortium FY2013

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