Kids IoT Hackathon (こどもIoTハッカソン@ja) #5 in Akihabara Lenovo Japan!

33 kids made original devices for their parent!

Learn programming to get the porwer to create!

Learn electronics making also. They try to connect a servo and FaBo to IchigoJam and manipulate them by the program.

Paper prototyping is very rapid!

Sakura's IoT Platform(さくらのIoT Platform@ja → sakura.io) informs the returning her mother.

Great kid's presentations after just 1 hour making time!

In the end, they reported this event to us.
Good reports and 51 frustrating (IraIra = イライラ@ja) great source to the ideas and innovations.

"こどもIoTハッカソン in 秋葉原(レノボ・ジャパン) イライラ&レポート 2017.4.2"

Thank you all kids!!

Kids IoT Hackathon (こどもIoTハッカソン@ja) by Hana道場
Where is the next city!?

Today's my presentation for you.

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- Kids IoT Hackathon #5 at Akihabara (Lenovo JAPAN)
- レノボ・ジャパンでこどもIoTハッカソン!|きらきら星のつぶやき☆

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