On "I-O DATA FAIR2017", we held a BASIC programming workshop for Kids using Raspberry Pi x Sense HAT. 4-6 grade primary school kids could connect cables to Raspberry Pi, set up the add-on board Sense HAT and program an original mobile game machine!

6 families paticipated the workshop. They got both Raspberry Pi, Sense HAT and IchigoJam RPi! Lucky!

Try to snap the Sense HAT!

Let's play on your game machine!
IchigoJam RPi can boot automatically when pulled out the keyboard.

We prepared environment to program Sense HAT easily!
If you want to light up as red on (3,3)

SH.PUT 3,3,#700

If you want to get a number acceleration X


It's easy isn't it.

This is the slide of workshop. Retry at your home!

This time almost full, but welcome to inspect our workshop! (16 Apr 10:00am-11:30am)

We thanked Hosono-san president of I-O DATA to give us great chance!

You can touch IchigoJam RPi on I-O DATA FAIR2017 in Akihabara!

IchigoJam RPi will release near future!

- IchigoJam meets Raspberry Pi! Mr. Eben Upton's first IchigoJam BASIC program is...
- IchigoJam on Raspberry Pi - ラズパイ用のベアメタルOSとしてのIchigoJam

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