Rekishi's *new* single CD "KATOKU" released! (KATOKU by レキシ@ja)

Ike-chan as Rekishi born in Sabae city! *Rekishi(レキシ@ja) means also "history" in Japanese
(レキシ池田貴史が福井県鯖江市「サングラス大使」第1号に就任 - 音楽ナタリー)

I've got the special music box card and disassembled. (オルゴール分解@ja)

It's a very simple electronic circuit. It's easy to desolder to get the chip.

from right upper
1. speaker out 1
2. VCC 3-5V?
3. speaker out 2
4. GND
* need some capacitors (VCC-GND 1uF?)

I added a volume controller.

Let's embed the Rekishi Music on your life!

Try it now!

- レキシ セカンドシングル 「KATOKU」発売! (official site)
- KATOKU(初回限定盤) Single, Limited Edition, Maxi (on Amazon)

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