The mobile battery sold in 100 yen shops (Seria, DAISO) is useful at IchigoJam workshops.

But you are worry about the battery, aren't you?

I made a useful battery checker for IchigoJam on IchigoJam.

LED notices you about the battery.

つくりかた - How to build.
1. ちょうど良さそうな長ピンソケット Find a long pin socket.

2. ちょうどいい2ピンを除いて引き抜く Remove pins without just fit 2 pins.

3. プルダウン用10kΩ抵抗をはんだづけ Solder a 10kΩ resistor to pull down.

4. IchigoJamのGNDとIN2へ接続する Connect to your IchigoJam GND and IN2.

5. プログラムする Program!
1行簡易版 1 line version

10 LED ANA()>800:GOTO10

LED点滅で知らせる豪華版 Delux version with blinking LED

5 LED1:WAIT5:LED0 10 V=ANA(2):?V 20 IF V>900 LED 1:GOTO10 30 IF V>800 LED TICK()&8:GOTO10 40 IF V>700 LED TICK()&4:GOTO10 50 IF V>500 LED TICK()&2:GOTO10 60 LED 0:GOTO10

6. 自動起動用にGND-BTNをつなぐ Connect GND-BTN to boot automatically.

It can check own battery level!

DAISO mobile battery can work about 30min with a 5V-12V DC-DC cable and 4.3 inch monitor!

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