We PCN went to Shiramine KIT event at Ishikawa prefecture to teach the basics of IoT with IchigoJam to 15 students from Tai, Vietnam and Japan. タイ・ベトナムからの学生を迎えたKIT金沢工業大学による石川県白峰開催の国際イベントへ、IoT未来創造講座してきました。

slide "Make Own IoT for Our Future"
IchigoJam basic, LED, WAIT, GOTO for loops
External circuits LED, servo, light sensor and WiFi with MixJuice

They planed future of Shiramine. Our today's mission is to add IoT/IT technology to them.

Let's make own computer with soldering iron!

You can customize the colors of IchigoJam.

Let's make the simplest network to chat!

Let's discuss how to improve our plan with IoT!

They talked about IoT prototype to make.

This is pre prototype of Shiramine's IoT fountain(噴水).

日越泰 International dinner!

Delicious Tochi-mochi soup (とち餅のお吸い物) โลหะผสม! (アロイ、おいしい!)

Is it IchigoJam in Tai language!?

MEM-NUM - Memorize the Numbers (RUN on IchigoJam Web)
(Japanese edition, Vietnamesse edition, Swahili version) Let's learn numbers in Swahili! I modified from the . Swahili only use 24 types of alphabets.

This is a sample program to start to learn Tai language.
First step is numbers! (Thanks! คิดเลข 計算 | カティちゃんの楽しいタイ語)

My score reached 21! It's good way to learn with making a game on IchigoJam.

1 'MEM-NUM TAI 10 LET[0],"suun","nung","soong","saam","sii","haa","hok","jet","paet","gaao" 15 CLS:FOR I=0 TO 9:?I,STR$([I]):NEXT:?:?"HIT ANY KEY" 16 IF !INKEY() CONT 20 S=0:W=30 30 N=RND(10):Y=1:IF S>H H=S 40 CLS:LC 10,Y:?STR$([N]) 45 LC 6,0:?"SCORE:";S;" HISCORE:";H 46 LC 10,19:?"======" 50 K=INKEY() 60 IF K=N+48 S=S+1:W=W-1:GOTO30 62 WAIT W 65 IF K<>0 OR Y=18 LC 10,20:?"ANSWER:";N:WAIT60:RUN 70 Y=Y+1:GOTO40

We're very happy to meet them!
Thank you! And see you on Facebook or real!

at SHIRAMINE-SPA. 白峰温泉総湯

- ベトナム、タイ、シンガポール、インドネシアの学生が金沢工業大学、金沢高専の学生と多国籍チームを組み、金沢工業大学でイノベーション創出に取り組みます。 | ニュース | KIT金沢工業大学
- 2018年4月、金沢高専から国際高専へ - 日経ビジネスオンラインSpecial

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