Africa IT Tour, Rwanda Day 3!

Kigali Convention Centre with colorful illuminations

babyl improving helthcares in Rwanda from UK.
SMS is still important because smart phone users in Rwanda are under 10%.
He can read my T-shirt BASIC program!

Rwandan mobile phone infrastructure company TRES is focusing softwares and youth!

Not sweet Banana, like a potato!

With Chief Strategist ICT Sector Development at RDB (Rwanda Development Board!
He said "world-class professional talent for innovation" in Rwanda!
Let's expand a range and connect Rwandan and Japanese kids!

With Rwanda Speciality Coffee producer BUFCOFFEE
Solve the problems about agriculture with IoT and kids!

In front of WiredIn, software development service company related Japan!
WiredIn's co-founder Mr. Tanaka is born at Sabae-city, my home town!

Rwanda-Japan Night!

with Good Curry!

BananaCrepe with colored LEDs!

I showed up my room at hotel with colored LEDs!

How to show up with colored LED.
1. get the WS2812B LED tape.

2. solder just 3wires to colored LED.
3. program it on IchigoJam!

1 'WS2812B looping driver 10 POKE#700,66,70,75,70,252,180,64,24,80,33,9,2,1,49,9,4,4,120,160,70,69,120,172,70,1,48,129,70,114,182,128,37,1,48,3,120,255,34,74,96 20 POKE#728,3,39,10,38,43,66,1,208,10,39,3,38,1,63,253,209,0,34,74,96,1,62,253,209,109,8,239,209,1,60,234,209,68,70,72,70,98,70,1,58 30 POKE#750,148,70,228,209,98,182,252,188,144,70,153,70,112,71 100 L=48:POKE#800,L*3,300/L:I=0:V=7:S=60 120 FORJ=0TOL 130 H=I+J*360/L:GSB@HSV2RGB:POKE#802+J*3,G,R,B 140 NEXT 150 U=USR(#700,#800) 160 COPY#802+L*3-3,#802,3:COPY#802,#805,L*3-3 165 WAIT3 170 GOTO 150 500 @HSV2RGB 'use CDEF 505 R=V:G=V:B=V:IF S=0 RTN 510 D=H/60%6:C=V-(59-H%60)*V/60*S/100:E=V-H%60*V/60*S/100:F=V*(100-S)/100 520 IF D=0 G=C:B=F 530 IF D=1 R=E:B=F 540 IF D=2 R=F:B=C 550 IF D=3 R=F:G=E 560 IF D=4 R=C:G=F 570 IF D=5 G=F:B=E 580 RTN

source code of WS2812B looping driver in Arm Cortex-M0 Assembly language.

'POKE[ad],[data len],[loop count],[GRB data ...] @WS2812BLOOP R2=R8 R3=R9 PUSH {R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7} R0=R0+R1 R1=#50 'R1=#50010000 GPIO1 R1=R1<<8 R1+=1 R1=R1<<16 R4=[R0] R8=R4 R5=[R0+1] R12=R5 R0+=1 R9=R0 CPSID @LOOP_DATA R5=#80 R0+=1 R3=[R0] @LOOP_BIT R2=#FF [R1+`0001]L=R2 R7=3 R6=10 R3&R5 IF 0 GOTO @SKIP R7=10 R6=3 @SKIP R7-=1 IF !0 GOTO -1 R2=0 [R1+`0001]L=R2 R6-=1 IF !0 GOTO -1 R5=R5>>1 IF !0 GOTO @LOOP_BIT R4-=1 IF !0 GOTO @LOOP_DATA R4=R8 R0=R9 R2=R12 R2-=1 R12=R2 IF !0 GOTO @LOOP_DATA CPSIE POP {R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7} R8=R2 R9=R3 RET

Have a fun with the computer and programming!

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