We went to Tumba Collage of Technology (トゥンバ高専@ja) from Rwand Kigali!

We were glad to meet you with good faces!

The movie of way to Tumba KOSEN and Tea Factory.
About 1.5 hours from Kigali city.

3 members of PCN graduated from Fukui National Collage of Technology (FUKUI KOSEN / 福井高専@ja).
Here is Tumba Collage of Technology (Tumba KOSEN / トゥンバ高専@ja).
We're same school colleague! 高専仲間!

What a great place! Good nature and winds!

Raymond-san was orgnized this event! Thank you for this very excited chance!

Hara introduced today!

Let's build! (today's slide material using IchigoJam)

They have already mastered the soldering iron!

I introduce the first step of programming and how to make a game.
Thank you for enjoying!

Matta introduced tempeX, IchigoJam extension module!

They said they want to share and teach how to programming to kids!

Let's enjoy programming! Let's enjoy create something!

I made a new material, IchigoJam print "CHAT" (pdf)
Let's connect two IchigoJam!

It's a just beginning! Let's collaborate Rwanda and Japan!

I ate the Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華@ja) last night at Kigali.

Thank you ASIAN KITCHEN for the first and the last night also!
JavaScriptとIchigoJam BASICで実装する、uuencode!エチオピア・ブルンジ経由、ルワンダ入り」 DAY 0

- There are also Kosen-sei in Tumba College of Technology Rwanda. Let’s start PCN Tumba! – about yrm

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