i18n means internationalization (i + 18 charaters + n).
Our PCN mission is programming for all kids all over the world.
English meeting with PCN member of Beijing, Ivory Coast, المملكة المغربية‎, Dziko la Malaŵi and 福井県.

We got translation apps (UDTalk etc).
So there are no borders about i18n communications!

PCN Beijin, République de Côte d'Ivoire, Katsuyama & Sabae.
Let's create kids creators!

At Gaston & Gaspar, you can create your pasta!

English menu is available also!

Created pasta 1.

Created pasta 2.

"Pasta Creation Order Sheet - unoffcial web app version"
Foods makes you. You can choose your future.
This is the first step. I want to to add links to detail data of each foods by opendata.

Let's begin programming with fun without borders!

- PCN Programming club network
- Gaston & Gaspar
- Beiging China will join to the PCN! We started next contest for the World, Please support us! / ついにPCN北京も加わり、いよいよ世界に広がる こどもプログラミング!コンテスト協賛にぜひご協力ください! – about yrm
- みんなもやってみよう「PCN〇〇」!新たに加わるコートジボワール、モロッコ、マラウイ、旭川。EDIX 学びNEXTにぜひどうぞ! – about yrm

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