Raspberry Pi foundation is supporting our PCN Kids Programming Contest.

"Nice see you again!" with @EbenUpton (the first time 2016.12.11)

Raspberry Pi Foundation Prize at PCN Kids Programming Contest 2017 Winter! (from results)

Raspberry Pi x IchigoJam projects

BASIC programming with voice!

IchigoJam BASIC runs on Raspberry Pi - IchigoJam RPi

Dancing Lion made will run also IchigoJam RPi

I met Johan agin also. Eben's the first try about Oculus Go.

This useful VR for Smartphones, VR SHINECON. I've done Megane demo.

IchigoJam is advancing VR!?
I added a function "vr" to "IchigoJam web" for VR googles.
This is only the beginning.

PCN Matta showed demo of IchigonQuest (unpublished RPi version!) for before BASIC language talkers.

I presented 15th special IchigoJam kit!

Thank you Eben! Great various Raspberry Pi goods.

Fantastic Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group!

Computers all Kids!

- Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group | ユルく楽しく、ある意味しょーもないことを追求することを楽しむ、お気軽なユーザグループです
- IchigoJam meets Raspberry Pi! Mr. Eben Upton's first IchigoJam BASIC program is...

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