It's Programming Fes Day 2 in Eiheiji town Fukui prefecture! (Day 1)

The opening speech by Mr. Amil Khanzada founder of ZenIT with connecting live to Silicon Valley. He is also an evolution ambasaddor of here, Eiheiji town. Now is the best era to make your dreams!

Curiosity is Treasure!
(this program in the end of this article with IchigoJam ver 1.4β!)

They worked out After training with Zen!

"A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body"

Let's start to program with the robot! (CamRobo by Tamiya, coding with IchigoJam)

Great weather to program the auto pilot car!

Here is the best place to practice to make the auto pilot car! (1F at Shiki-no-mori)

It's free programming time! They replied the interview of a TV channel!

With lively kids!

Try and challenge, enjoy your unique failure!

Our staffs enjoyed also!

Them parents met them kids went up the level.

Thank you for comming!

See you next time!
You can remember with VR app "VR ProgFes 2019".

To curious kids...

Let's try to manipulate 16x16 full color LED, WS2812B with IchigoJam 1.4β
Connect WS2812B x 256 to VCC, GND, OUT1 and program!

LET[0],0,10,0:WS.LED 1,256

You can control many LEDs with a parameter of repeat of WS.LED!

10 A=RND(14)+1:T=RND(3)*20+20 15 FOR J=0 TO 3 20 FOR I=0 TO A-1 25 LET[I*3],RND(16),RND(16),RND(16) 26 NEXT 30 WS.LED A,256/A+1 40 WAIT T 42 NEXT 50 GOTO 10

How to control indivisually 256 LEDs? (try this!)

- プログラミングフェス
- 夏、プログラミングフェスDay1! VRで実寸で思い出せる360度写真&アプリ
- Programming Fes Day 2 connected Silicon Valley and Eiheiji to encourage kids!

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