We discussed about PCN Nairobi in Fukui. PCNナイロビミーティング!
PCN's mission is "Programming for all kids!" of course, Africa also!

We had lunch at a Fukui's Soba and Katsu-don restaurant "Maru-Hachi".

IchigoJam debuted on NHK World in Kiswahili with a hunter lives in Fukui! IchigoJam、福井在住のイノシシ猟師さんと共にNHKワールド、スワヒリ語版でデビュー
"- Ukumbi wa Jumapili - Radio - NHK WORLD - Swahili"

"MEM-NUM SWAHILI" スワヒリ語で数字おぼえ
Let's learn numbers in Swahili! I modified from the Vietnamesse edition. Swahili only use 24 types of alphabets.

Let's type and modified you want!

1 'MEM-NUM SWAHILI 10 LET[0],"sifuri","moja","mbili","tatu","nne","tano","sita","saba","nane","tisa" 15 CLS:?"REMEMBER!":FOR I=0 TO 9:?I,STR$([I]):NEXT:?"HIT ANY KEY" 16 IF !INKEY() CONT 20 S=0:W=30 30 N=RND(10):Y=1:IF S>H H=S 40 CLS:LC 10,Y:?STR$([N]) 45 LC 6,0:?"SCORE:";S;" HISCORE:";H 46 LC 10,19:?"======" 50 K=INKEY() 60 IF K=ASC("0")+N S=S+1:W=W-1:GOTO30 62 WAIT W 65 IF K<>0 OR Y=18 LC 10,20:?"ANSWER:";N:WAIT60:RUN 70 Y=Y+1:GOTO40

- Connect kids all over the world! Kobe x Africa x Fukui / schematic of IchigoJam
- Let's innovate by Your Home Brew Computer with African kids!
- BASIC with Open Data at Contest of IoT
- PCN勝山クラブ成果発表会 ゲームのライブコーディング、クリスマスイルミ、三次関数、ハノイからイノシシまで!

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