We've got a prize "BEST IN CLASS" of Maker Faire Bay Area 2017, the biggest Maker Faire in the world! ものづくりイベント「メイカーフェア」中でも、世界最大のベイエリア2017にて、PCNが「ベストインクラス(教育優秀賞 / Excellence in Education)」を受賞!(過去受賞作品)

Maker Faire took us the Red Ribbon!

We met many good simles! たくさんの笑顔に会いました!

Many kids and adults play KAWAKUDARI game with the big controller.

10 X=15:CLS 20 LOCATE X,5:PRINT "O" 30 LOCATE RND(32),23:PRINT "*" 35 WAIT 3 36 X=X-BTN(28)+BTN(29) 37 IF SCR(X,5) END 40 GOTO 20

Today we modified by this program. このゲームのベースプログラムがこちら

36 X=X-IN(1)+IN(4)

This short program is to modify using Big Controller! 大きなコントローラー対応もこれ1行!

He was trying to read the BASIC program of IchigoJam T-shirt!

He read MSX-FAN with fun! Commodore 64 is the most famous first computer here.

Thank you for coming to our booth. We really enjoyed! 楽しかった!感謝です!

Congraturations Raspberry Pi become 5 age! おめでとう!ラズパイ5歳!
"Maker Faire | Celebrating Five Years of Raspberry Pi"


台湾からウェアラブルで出展! Wearable guy from Taiwan! Chcek the neoplug!

TOPOLOGY provide order made glasses. I want to support neoplug!

PCN our mission is "Programming for all kids" with fun! See you next time!

See you! またお会いしましょう!

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