LPC810をあやつろう - IchigoJamプリント」をみながら、ユニバーサル基板でまずは手作り。

ブラウザ上、無料で使えるプリント基板設計ツール「Upverter」で、新規プロジェクトを作って、SCEMATIC画面で、部品配置して、接続。 IchigoJam シールドなどの部品は登録してあるので、検索して貼り付けるだけ!

PCB LAYOUTに切り替えて、かっこいい感じに並べる。gridを50milとかにするときれいに並びます!


あとは、プロジェクトのページ "810writer for IchigoJam" から、"Gerber Format (RS-274X extended)" をダウンロードして、発注して待つだけ! 基板サイズは 1200mil x 1500mil なので、30.48mm x 38.10mm、お好きな色で発注可能です!

There are many PCB making service companies.
I tried to order to PCBGOGO.
I found an option "none (なし)" of the solder mask I've not seen.

This is IchigoJam silver edition!!

Without solder mask!

GND pattern is opened so be careful to solder!

The crystal must solder with some spaces from PCB.

I've got Bus Buttons rev2 too. It's nice that delivery time is short!

- プリント基板試作・製作・製造のPCBGOGO.JP【中国基板試作メーカ】

I got 11 pieces of PCBs for Sabae Bus from elecrow. (I ordered 29 Jan)

I found wiring misses all pattern of tact switches are wrong!
I had to cut each 2 legs of the tact switch to fix.

It works! This is a test program on IchigoJam.

10 FOR I=1 TO 6:OUT I,-1:NEXT:'switch to IN from OUT pin 20 ?BIN$(IN(),11) 30 WAIT 5 40 GOTO 20

I updated the PCB as version 2
"Bus Buttons by taisukef d3fc1ea69f75ebd6 - Upverter"
- added holes on four corners
- added silks on each switches
- added a LED for the slide switch
- fixed a PCB pattern of the tact switch
- fixed a PCB pattern of the slide switch

Failure teaches Success! Keep to create!

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