First MONOKON was held in Da Nang, Vietnam.
MONOKON = MONOdukuri (to make) KONtesuto (contest)

They made "LoRen" the arm wearable device and searching system for troubles in the sea by using new wireless technology LoRa and Web application.

15 minites for presetation and demo

This is that LoRen's arm wearable device, 3D printed, a LoRa transmittor in it!

I listened 8 finalist team's presentation and demo: smart home, bin, meter, bus, aggri, user interface and SOS. All of demo products works! I impressed their hot creator split!!

My keynote speech was "BASIC IoT with Open Data".
I'm a evangelist of Open Data in Japan, Open Data helps you to create things from your idea!
Open Data is free to use Data on the Web.
Now almost of data is protected by copy rights.
But Open Data is opened by it's author, so you can use it freely!

"Bus Monitor in Sabae"
This is demo of using Bus realtime Open Data in Sabae city, my home town in Japan.
All of buses in Sabae opened their GPS position every 3 seconds!
This applictation runs on Web, so you can test your smartphones.
And I opened this JavaScript code, so you can reinvent freely!

"Open Data cities in Japan"
203 cities in Japan opened their data.
I hope to connect Japan and Vietnam by Open Data.

I invented "IchigoJam" $15 computer for education of programming.
But it's also good at IoT devices because it's easy to program and low power consumption.

Ichigo($15 computer) means strawberry (dâu@vi) and Ichi = 1, Go = 5 in Japanese.


To light up the LED, you just type 5 keys!

This is program to blink the LED.

10 LED 1:WAIT 30 20 LED 0:WAIT 30 30 GOTO 10 RUN

This is program to learn numbers in Japanese.

1 'MEM-NUM 10 LET[0],"Zero","Ichi","Ni","San","Yon","Go","Roku","Nana","Hachi","Kyu" 20 LET S,0:LET W,30 30 LET N,RND(10):LET Y,1 40 CLS:LC 10,Y:?STR$([N]) 45 LC 10,0:?"SCORE:";S 46 LC 10,19:?"======" 50 LET K,INKEY() 60 IF K=ASC("0")+N LET S,S+1:LET W,W-1:GOTO30 65 IF K<>0 OR Y=18 LC 10,20:?"ANSWER:";N:END 70 WAIT W:LET Y,Y+1:GOTO40

First of all, don't think, just type!

I'm glad to get many attentions from students of Vietnam university!
(This blog article is way to connect IchigoJam and Wifi)

I presented "IchigoJam self-assembly kit" to MONOKON2016 finalist members.

I'm happy to get a making report from a student!!

Thank you MONOKON2016! Thank you Da Nang!
Xin cám ơn!(ありがとう!)


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- IchigoJam
- IchigoJam-FAN@en (support group in English)

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