At last, PCN (Programming Club Network) in Vietnam.
7 children perticipated the first event to build and program the computer, IchigoJam!

In introductions, how many times do you mind this computer calculate can?
You can control computers by programming!

Using this textbook "IchigoJam first kit" in English.
At first, find a resistor R1!

First try to use the sordering iron!

After building the IchigoJam, let's program it!

This girl made an IchigoJam using breadboard version and try to program!

Nice faces! It was very fun too!

There are many PS/2 keyboards here.

I found an electronic store near by FabLab Danang.

The store master built an IchigoJam from the "self-assembly kit" without my advices!!

He is programming it!

I was glad to talk you!

He told me there are 5 chain stores in Dananog, so kids in Danang are closed to soldering!

Here is first store to buy IchigoJam in Vietnam!? Thank you to show on the window!

Kids really want to make and control the robot.
It has dream and very near by them. This is first step of control the robot!
"Control the Robot with 2 Motors!"

This is a worlds cheapest robot!?

Enjoy IchigoJam!!

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