40 years ago, the world first personal computer Apple-I borned in Silicon Valley.
Apple-I starts computers for everyone including kids!
When I'm 8 years, I met dreamy machine, MSX a descendant of that.

I invented the $15 simplest personal computer "IchigoJam" for all kids.
Ichigo is a strawberry and 15(Ichi Go) in Japanese.

3 Nov, we are holding a BASIC programming workshop for kids using IchigoJam:
First BASIC Programming on IchigoJam for Kids - PCN Silicon Valley | Meetup

Let's start programming at a young age!
There are many computers in our lives.
If you can program, you get a great power!

These IchigoJam works are made by kids
(from PCN Kids Programming Contest 2016 Summer)

IchigoJam is the simplest computer such as Apple-I.
It has RAM4KB, ROM32KB, BASIC interpreter, Video output, Keyboard input.

IchigoJam can build your self about less than 1 hour by the first solder.
"Let's Start Programming! How to build an IchigoJam, your first computer"

After building, let's start programming in BASIC

IchigoJam BASIC ver 1.2.1 by jig.jp OK LED1 OK LED0 OK LED1:WAIT30:LED0 OK

"Let's make Game! My first programming by IchigoJam"

This is the first ever event in the Silicon Valley being held by the PCN<Programming Club Network> 3 members from Fukui, Japan. Also, one of the organizers is a UC Berkeley Computer Science graduate working in Palo Alto.

Apple I - IchigoJam

Apple IIchigoJam
CPUMOS 6502 @ 1MHzNXP LPC1114 @ 48MHz
Programming LanguageBASICBASIC
Graphics40x24 Text32x24 Text
Video outputNTSC compositNTSC composit
Keyboardexternal keyboardPS/2 keyboard
Storageexternal casette tapeFlash x 4 / external EEPROM
Price$666.66$15 (¥1,500)
Apple I - Wikipedia

("Framed Apple I Computer Aluminium schematic" of Apple-I" signed by Woz and me)

Event Details
Date/Time: 3 Nov (Thursday) 7pm-9pm
Location: 2900 Lakeside Drive, Suite 270, Santa Clara, CA
Participants: any kids between 6-15 are welcome! Parents can watch or wait in the lobby.

What to bring? Nothing needed!
Please gather in the lobby by 7pm.

First BASIC Programming on IchigoJam for Kids - PCN Silicon Valley | Meetup

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