I am Taisuke Fukuno, president and a founder of "jig.jp". I have a staff of 60 which includes 30 engineers. Our office are located in Tokyo and Sabae city, Fukui prefecture, Japan.

We provide application tools and an Otaku goods market place, a broadcasting, browsers and a opendata platform for local governments. I'm also an opendata evangelist of the Japanese government.

I love to create using computers, programming, electronics and modelling. Please visit my blog sometime, it is called "Create every day by Taisuke Fukuno" and you can read it on.

A little bit more about how I fell in love with computers dates back to when I was 8 years old, I started programming by MSX BASIC. I stepped up to Z80 Assembly language, C language, C++ language, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Python, C# and so on.

Creating with computers became so excited day by day. Almost all the development tools to create are free! I want to share these with kids. That's a why that I created the "IchigoJam" the simplest $15 personal computer. If you get one, you can create games and robots quickly in using BASIC. BASIC was made to understand programming easily 50 years ago.

After you move on from the IchigoJam, you can get a better understanding programming on any platforms. Games, Robots, VR, IoT and wearables, get the skill to create things you want to!

Now let's start programming!


"LED and WAIT"

10 CLS:X=16 15 X=X-BTN(28)+BTN(29) 16 IF SCR(X,5) END 20 LC X,5:?”O” 30 LC RND(32),23:?”*” 35 WAIT 3 40 GOTO 15 RUN

"Rafting Game for IchigoJam"

On 3 Nov, event in Silicon Valley!
"First BASIC Programming on IchigoJam for Kids - PCN Silicon Valley | Meetup"

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* My blog title "一日一創" means "Create every day" in Japanese. "一" means one, "日" means day, "創" means creation.

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