I updated my home IoT device "NekoIoT" for our cat. (neko = cat in Japanese, past version)
This device notice our phone by IFTTT when the cat enters her toilet.

more compact!

NekoIoT is built by IchigoJam and Sakura's IoT Platform α.
So very easy to debug with the monitor and the keyboard. (IchigoJam)

The program is so simple!

10 L=160 20 LED 1:WAIT 10:A=ANA(2):?A:IF A<=L CONT 30 LED 0:?"SEND!" 40 POKE #700,#30,1,73,A,A>>8,0,0 50 ?I2CW(#4F,#700,1,#701,6) 60 WAIT 600 70 GOTO 20

L: length to send a notice.
A: value from a distance sensor.

soldering cables to distance sensor (GP2Y0A21YK)
(using Elecrow's soldering iron set)

covering cables by the glue gun.

Sakura's IoT Platform and a distance sensor both need a 5V, so I made a mini part using a pin socket with long legs to expand 5V of IchigoJam.

Enjoy easy hacking your home with IchigoJam!

- IchigoJam
- Sakura's IoT Platform (this year they will release global edition!)

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