We "team 198" updated our application for better your trip experience "CHIE TO BAA". You can use any location in Japan (using 5 star sight seeing opendata on odp). And we post to opendata contest "LOD challenge 2016"!

"CHIE TO BAA(ちーとばー)" - demo page here
This app recommends you near 4 good locations.
You can walk to there you want to go and get another 4 locations next.

If you want to use GPS location on your web application, all of the services are supported SSL completely. It's a little hard so I created a location proxy service "whereami". Just link to "https://code4fukui.github.io/whereami/" with your return URL after hash!

"whereami" - test1: posting to Google Maps without a link
"whereami" - test2: link to AKIJIKAN

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