I'm in NICT boot camp at Silicon Valley as a mentor of the ICT memtor platform.
What's your dream? What's your big goal?
You can step forward if you decided your direction.
Create and communicate!

I tried "Knee's Needs" one of their prototypes in the morning.

Introduction of JETRO Innovation Program, they got many inputs.

Pitch by students at Pivotal Palo Alto

Programming & ICT first lesson to students

10 CLS:X=16 20 LC X,5:?"O" 30 LC RND(32),23:?"*" 35 WAIT 3 36 X=(X+33+BTN()*2)%32 37 IF SCR(X,5) PLAY"L8GEC":END 40 GOTO 20

This is a simple TV game without the keyboard.

They got power from Silicon Valley.

Be looking forward to their pitch event!
"起業家甲子園|NICT 情報通信ベンチャー支援センター"

- NICTのイベント|平成28年度|起業家甲子園 ・ 起業家万博 - 総務省・NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days|シリコンバレー起業家育成プログラム|NICT起業家甲子園・起業家万博「シリコンバレー起業家育成プログラム」|募集案内|NICT 情報通信ベンチャー支援センター

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