PCN taught the programming as the first programming class for all 3 classes 2nd grade kids at Ebara 6th middle school (品川区立荏原第六中学校@ja)! The link the school and us comes from we met the vice-principal Makino-san at the past event about Mongol KOSEN.

Programming is Thinking then Typing. Let's start thinking with Cetlery Cards. And just type short commands to work your computer!

SAVE0 to save your program and turn off the IchigoJam.
Let's pull out the TV line and Keyboard line after finishing your original LED blink pattern!

Let's turn on with pressing the button on the IchigoJam.

You made it! This device you programmed works! (This called "Embedded Programming"!)

PCN want every kids to know society with computers and programming.

- Programming Text (1st and 2nd)
- 無いものは作っちゃおう、小中学8年生にIchigoJamプログラミング、アプリを作れる81歳のクリエイ... - about yrm

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