The next web era has come with Web of Things (WoT) and 5-star Open Data.
Mr. Japanese internet Jun Murai presented a honorary degree of doctor of Keio university to sir Tim!

And sir Tim presented to Murai-san. It's good long friendship!

Happy 28th Birthday World Wide Web

I got super rare items! "地球蜘蛛ノ巣@ja" is web in Japanese!

photo: Sir Tim, Mr. Murai and me with "HELLO! WoT" tag

WoT can be accessed via web.
Pressing the button on browser → websocket → Sakura IoT Platform β → turn on the LED on IchigoJam!

1 'SAKURA's IoT beta recv test 100 @LOOP 110 GSB @CHK:IF N=0 WAIT 30:CONT 120 GSB @GET:?"RECV:";N:LED N 130 GOTO @LOOP 800 'IoT util 810 @CHK:POKE#700,#32,0:N=4:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#783):RTN 820 @GET:POKE#700,#30,0:N=#14:GSB@I2C:N=PEEK(#784):RTN 900 @I2C:'use M,C,I 910 M=PEEK(#701)+2 920 C=0:FOR I=0 TO M-1:C=C^PEEK(#700+I):NEXT:POKE#700+M,C 930 IF I2CR(79,#700,M+1,#780,N+1) STOP 940 C=0:FOR I=0 TO N-1:M=PEEK(#780+I):C=C^M:?M;" ";:NEXT:? 950 IF C!=PEEK(#780+N) OR PEEK(#780)!=1 STOP 960 RTN

WoT with IchigoJam BASIC is so easy! (I want to be more)
see: Sakur's IoT Platform beta (さくらのIoT Platformβ)
use: "FXMA2102" to fix the level of volt. (OE must connect to VCC / don't need pull up)

My home town Sabae city was elected "Local IoT Acceleration Lab" today also. (鯖江市IoT推進ラボ@ja)
Mr. Jun Murai is chair of "IoT Acceleration Lab".

- ティム・バーナーズ=リー卿 慶應義塾大学名誉博士称号授与 記念講演会(3/14@三田,要申込) | 慶應義塾大学 湘南藤沢キャンパス(SFC)
- 「IoT Lab Selection」及び「地方版IoT推進ラボ」を開催し、受賞者を選定・表彰しました!(METI/経済産業省)

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