My this yearly medical check is the Human Dock, the complete medical checkup.
I don't get any wrong message except you have to exercise!

There is a Starbucks in Fukui Saiseikai Hospital!

This is a simple clone of machine to check the hearing ability.
Can you hear the tone of 1kHz or 4kHz? Aim SCORE:100!

1 'SOUND CHK 10 ?"PRESS BTN IF YOUR HEAR!" 20 S=100 30 WAIT RND(180)+60 40 PWM3,50,100:CLT 50 IF BTN() "?NG":END 60 IF BTN()=0 CONT 70 PWM3,0:S=S-TICK()+8 80 WAIT RND(180)+60 90 PWM3,12,25:CLT 100 IF BTN() "?NG":END 110 IF BTN()=0 CONT 120 PWM3,0:S=S-TICK()+8 130 ?"SCORE:";S

You can sound the sounder by PWM also.
Put your sounder GND-OUT3 of CN3.
"PWM3,50,100" means 1kHz (period 1msec = 0.01msec * 100) / "PWM3,12,25" means 4kHz (period 0.25msec)
To tell the truth, you have to shape the sound wave to sine wave. Try it!

This is the healthy lunch after the checkup at Fukui Saiseikai Hospital.

Good foods, few alcohol drinks, moderate exercise, few tobaccos and few stresses are for us.

Hana Dojo got a Nintendo Switch. It's good as the exercise?

Is it fun to make exercise games like 1-2-Switch, isn't it?

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