I started programming when I was 8 years old with typing the program.

I typed "TENSUKE (テンケス@ja) by tOShi" a puzzle game for IchigoJam on the BASIC MAGAZINE. I've made similar one. This game uses short Arm machine language program. There numbers are code to show a charter big.

BASIC MAGAZINE is the famous magazine for program lovers since 1982. It restarted since 2 years on "Elecronics Hobby Magazine (電子工作マガジン@ja)" with IchigoJam BASIC!

It's works!

You can read author's comment of the program. You can remake when you understand it!

Programs were typed by the programmer. It's same as swing of the baseball. It's same as writing characters to learn the language. It's the best way to learn program!

I found a bug of this program. IchigoJam freezes sometime when you filled the field.

?16384*4 0

This is a reason of the bug on the code "J=J*[i]".


This is a code to fix it.

Original program made by 2 programs. I've shorten this program to 1 program 1016byte! Let's try!

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