On this weekend event "I-O DATA FAIR 2017 in Akihabara", IchigoJam RPi will be showed up!
We're prepareing for the workshop to learn how to enjoy programming for kids!

At last IchigoJam runs on Raspberry Pi 3 by Matta of Natural Style!
"RaspberryPi3用 IchigoJam、I-O DATAフェアにて今週末お披露目!起動2秒で走る1.2GHz BASICプログラムでSense HatをHackしよう! – about yrm"

If you want to use the small monitor via the composit cable, you can make it!

This is an earphone with a controller.

Just connect to a composit terminal.
The terminal spec of Raspberry Pi 3 is VIDEO, GND, AUDIO-RIGHT, AUDIO-LEFT (from the root).
* thanks! "Raspberry Pi Model B+のAV端子の変換について - あっきぃ日誌"

You can control "Raspberry Pi Sense HAT" very easily in IchigoJam BASIC!

- I-O DATA FAIR 2017 in Akihabara 2017.4.15-16
- IchigoJam meets Raspberry Pi! Mr. Eben Upton's first IchigoJam BASIC program is...
- 起動3秒、Raspberry Pi Zero で動かすIchigoJam(ベアメタル)
- IchigoJam on Raspberry Pi - ラズパイ用のベアメタルOSとしてのIchigoJam

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