Tochigi Technical High School (栃木県立栃木工業高校@ja) released SkyBerryJAM, the computer kit to learn programming and making things!

I soldered it!

SkyBerryJAM is licensed jig.jp's IchigoJam, so you can progrom in IchigoJam BASIC! (ご当地IchigoJam@ja)
SkyBerry is Tochigi local brand name of strawberry (Ichigo@ja).

It's fun to make with many features!
- 5 buttons (BTN/IN1/IN4/ISP/RESET)
- a serial to connect the PC (UART)
- a motor driver to manipulate motor (with a switch)
- a servo pins (OUT5)
- a I2C pins same as CN5 with 10kΩ pull-up resisters
- a EEPROM socket (DIP or SMD, with a sample DIP EEPROM)

Let's begin to solder with short parts.

It's a nice idea that legs are colored on each color LED.

Enjoy computing!

For students, jig.jp will start 3weeks internship in Sabae this summer also!

Let's enjoy creative summer in Sabae!

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